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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

{#HustleandGlow} Week 1: Amp Your Hustle

{#HustleandGlow} Week 1: Amp Your Hustle




Today’s Tweetable:



“Don’t get in your head.  Get in the game. Doing it instead of dwelling in it. #Hustle&Glow” -Francesca Alexander




Hustle and Glow mentees have a one-on-one strategy on

how to create compelling copy that really pulls in their

ideal clients. We go into depth on how to get vibrational

copy that is appealing and creates a loyal audience.


In today’s lesson we are going to learn how to generate an

effective blogging system that amp’s your hustle to new

heights. One fundamental principle I teach is that it always

starts with realistic social media efforts. My fearless people,

you must tweet to elevate!


Why Twitter?


I see social media as a pyramid with Twitter being on top,

Pinterest and Facebook at the second tier, and LinkedIn at

the bottom of the pyramid. They all work together to promote

the same cause. There is a trickle down effect when it comes

to social PR and the easiest way to identify yourself as an expert

in your field is through Twitter. If you can compel someone to

click on a link through a tweet, you’re a flippin’ genuis!


How To: Edit Hootsuite


In this video you will find how these all work together.

Think of it as social media being your orchestra and you

are the conductor.

Be Your Own Action Hero!


This week set up the following accounts:

 Hootsuite and


Get involved on:

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn


 Join the discussion on Facebook with the other #HustleandGlow classmates!




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 Digital Hustle and Glow


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All you want to know about Social Media PR and place your brand

on the map! Weekly calls and Facebook group are apart of

this hot deal!

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