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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!


Join AMP! from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.

AMP | Advanced Mentorship Program 

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AMP for Free

Here is everything you will get as an

AMP member:

Multi Vids

Monthly AMP Training

You will have access to monthly digital training videos. Each month a select resonating theme will be featured in AMP. Such as:

-How to Find and Train a Virtual Assistant

-How to Social Source New Consultations and Close The Sale

-How to Brand Build and Create Your Brands Iconography

These are some of the monthly, guided strategies we will be sharing on AMP. Each month look for relevant topics that will AMP your microbusiness.

The great thing about signing up is that you get access to past episodes, trainings, impactful phone calls by accessing The AMP Library. No matter when you sign up you will not lose out in past content.

CommunityAMP #HustleandGlow community

Networking is so powerful. Here is where you connect with others in the community and build your own network (and net worth) of like minded entrepreneurs. I have seen connections grow and endless resource of other services you can access. Join in the discussion and share your interest and business with this supportive community. This is a global community and this group is active 24/7.

DeskAudio Recordings

No matter when you sign up you will have access to all AMP calls. This is designed for you to connect and listen in on your time. AMP is customized to fit you and your lifestyle. You can listen in on a weekend or in your cubicle.


Weekly Phone Call

Impactful AMP Calls

AMP twice a month coaching calls is a part of your membership. You can participate live or leave your question on our FB group page. This is customizable where the community can choose topics or tackle questions like “How do I create a revenue stream in social media?” No matter what the topic I will support you in this forum and answer your questions.


One on One

Exclusive One on One Time with Francesca

Sign on bonus! You can schedule one on one time with me to discover your business and get tips on boosting your social media PR. *Also members will have surprise free invites to exclusive one on one check-ins.




Online Library and #HustleandGlow Guides

This is the genius of AMP. No matter when you sign up you will have access to the complete AMP library of past and present trainings.




Exclusive on Yet To Be Published Podcast

Innovators, Thought Provokers, Energy Seekers, Business leaders are featured on AMP Radio | The Beauty Beat You will have an exclusive listen to yet to be published Podcast before they are aired.



Launch Party

Launch Party Private Invite!

AMP members will have the exclusive first look on newly launched products and have access to new membership sites as they are created. New launches include The Art of Freelance and Coaching Revenue,Social Media AMP and How to Create Info Products on a Bootstrap Budget. All free when you are an AMP member. We are launching our latest eCourse on how to Find, Train and Grow Your Virtual Team! No matter when you sign up you will have unlimited access however the great thing about these launches is they are LIVE!


AMP | Advanced Mentorship Program

Only $37

Free for the first month!

AMP for Free

We launched products like:

How to Find, Train & Grow your Virtual Team


AMP Your Cause Using Infographics

These eCourses were launched and FREE exclusive to
AMP members.  No matter when you join you will have
access to these programs and be apart of upcoming launches.

We are now launching our amazing new eCourse
Systems for Creative Artist, Coaches & Freelancers

We will be showing freelancers how to create info products
without a membership site, get paid in advance and
keep your clients accountable in this fall series.


This new generation of entrepreneurs seeking freedom can be challenging.AMP is actionable guidance with the infusion of community support.The demands and not having enough time in business doesn’t have to be overwhelming.You are not alone.

AMP | Advanced Mentorship Program

Only $37 


no matter when you join you will have complete access to past modules

 Get Unlimited Access Now!

AMP for Free


I wanted to create a place where every entrepreneur can feel empowered and feel good. I will give you full access to behind the scenes of #HustleandGlow while sharing my business strategies in real time. This is the place to experiment and figure out solutions that are right for you.  We will be sharing our business and advice that every entrepreneur deserves to have.

I share the same value as my mentorship program in easy digestible bites that do not overwhelm you as you participate in this mastermind. You do it on your own time.

Webinar Bannar

AMP | Advanced Mentorship Program

Only $37


no matter when you join you will have complete access to past modules

 Get Unlimited Access Now!

AMP for Free

*5% of all purchases from Alexander Global is donated to #EntrepreneurialActivism