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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 4 comments

The Real Backlash of Irresponsible Press

The Real Backlash of Irresponsible Press

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I pledge to click responsibly. Join the call out on #SocialGlobalGrind via @GlobalGirl_LA


In this article you will see a spicy side of me.  I recently came across an article in the Huffington Post where a woman was upset that a company posted her recent purchase of Spanx.  She felt this is why maybe why her following had dropped and how mortifying this experience was. I was mortified for her until a strong shift in her article and I quote:


 ” Seeing my underwear end up on Facebook isn’t just unsettling. It underscores a fundamental tension plaguing all social media sites: the authentic, human experiences that attracted millions of people to these platforms now risk being polluted by the marketing noise ushered in with these companies’ push for profits.”

Today’s Tweetable:

I pledge to click responsibly. Join the call out on #SocialGlobalGrind via @GlobalGirl_LA

Whoa! Seriously?  Let me break this down a little for you all and let me preface this opinion is biased considering I been in sales and marketing for like twenty years. Oh yeah mama I was an original mall rat in my teens and turned into corporate girl in my 20’s. I know a thing or two about consumer behavior and was at the forefront to use social media as a marketing tool. With all that said lets break this down.


1. This is a common complaint however I believe on not opting in on apps that post on your behalf. Rule of thumb don’t click on anything your unsure of. Period.


2. If you have a social media account of any sort check on it and check on it often. I sometimes get something involuntary posted on my Facebook wall that I don’t want people to see and need to delete.  It is what it is.


3. The obvious here. We need to understand we are solely responsible for the content we share. You can’t be glib and say “…had been posted automatically thanks to the permission I’d apparently given Gilt, at some point in the past, to share my browsing and shopping activity on Facebook on my behalf. Obviously I’d made a miscalculation somewhere in my privacy settings…”

The only call out here should have been on how she didn’t take the time to read something before she clicked and gave permission.  This could have been a funny article instead a scathing one.

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4. Business is personal so think of how your comments as a consumer can effect a company’s bottom line.  Ranting on about how a company did you wrong without thinking how it can effect the companies you trashed and their employees lively hoods is irresponsible of its self.


5 and final breakdown  on this last comment from this article “The companies doing the sharing on our behalf seem more inclined to act first and ask questions — or apologize — later. “ a direct quote from the offending original clicker.


Hmmm apologize later? Well before Gilt Groupe would have apologized their day would have been something like this.  

They would have to stop business as usual to take an impromptu meeting about your post, apologizing to Spanx while assuring them this wouldn’t happen again or  that they are sorry for putting them in the press in this light, yelled at the web developer guy, had a serious staff meeting about their official statement on how this happened, briefed/ trained sales support or anyone answering a phone, the ecommerce team on how to address this in incoming emails, while the PR and marketing team have a post meeting about the alleged incident all because you clicked the authorization to share your purchase.



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It’s a new era in how we communicate, share and use social  media.  We are all responsible for our actions.  If we treat each other like we are in one close knit community with respect and with personal responsibility the cyber world would be a better place.


The ironic thing is the writer from Huffington Post looks fabulous and clearly doesn’t need Spanxs. My two cents…


Unfortunately, we are all in such a hurry these days that we do skip over all the fine print. I have downloaded all sorts off garbage because it is couched in with an automatic checkoff to be downloaded with a perfectly reputable software I did want, like Flash. Do not give me another spyware, adware, highlighted text program! Now I know to look for every checked box and see what they have agreed to on my behalf. It is my responsibility, but it’s also dirty pool (or I should say political bed-partners). I hope the Huff Post chick learned her lesson, and is not going to try to sue. Please!

Well said. I’m not sure if she would learn her lesson. I just wanted everyone to see the cause and effect. The fact that she was a reporter and used Huffington Post as her platform just is not cool…

SB says:


Good article… and a zealous argument for the eCommerce side.

I would guess that a large portion of your readers have websites/blogs… they’re busy protecting & growing?

Not often do you see a writer take the commerce side … especially on issues of consumer privacy and personal information exposure.

Agreed … the consumer should have read every word of the terms and agreement. We eCommerce peeps know that ainte-neva-gonna-happen more that 4% of the time.

Playing the game of you shoulda-read-it before clicking … is a game with known repercussions… especially when you publicly air/online your so called valued customers laundry … literally!

You should never piss your customer off in the first place!
and if they have something to say … you better listen & resolve carefully & quickly.

Your article will have protesters on both sides.

These types of consumer happenings are a PR firms/crisis communication companies wet-dreams.

SB :)

Oh SB! You are an absolutely right on as always! So lucky to have you as my mentor even for a short time. I just wanted to give insight on cause and effect. Miss you! Must do coffee soon! xo Francesca