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Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 12 comments

Badass Marketer: NY Times Best Seller & Celebrity Natural Food Chef Bethenny Frankel

Badass Marketer: NY Times Best Seller & Celebrity Natural Food Chef Bethenny Frankel

“It’s a formula,” says Bethenny of the successful brands she launches with strategic partners. “They’re the expert, the formulator, manufacturer. I’m the marketer, the media person, the face–and we each know our roles.” You can read more on Bethenny’s cover story on Forbes. 


November 9, 2011

Earlier this year I had written this article on Bethenny Frankel and I think she is a prime example in marketing through social media.  I think this article is worth visiting.  The genius of Frankel’s outreach in social media is that she keeps in touch daily with her following and consistently ask her following questions like “What are you going to do this weekend?”  She includes them in the conversation of her daily life.  This is the  basic element of what brands or individuals must do is social media.

Read more of what I’m talking about…

Badass Marketer: NY Times Best Seller & Celebrity Natural Food Chef Bethenny Frankel

Originally posted on May 21, 2011

I loved writing this article over the Memorial Day weekend sipping on my Skinnygirl margarita by the pool and reading “A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life.” Bethenny’s NY bestseller. For years I have been fascinated by Bethenny Frankel’s candor about her own life, her books and her crazy interactions with reality cast members on The Apprentice: Martha’s Stewart in 2005 to Bravo’s New York Housewives.  You can safely say I am in serious withdrawals after this month’s season finale of Bethenny Ever After which averages about 1.6 million viewers a week.  This July Bethenny will start shooting her 3rd season and I will be waiting with baited breath.

I enjoyed watching her as a single woman in New York in her 30’s trying to figure it all out & wanting it all.  I love that she has been the best-documented hard working entrepreneur of my generation.  I have seen her do it bravely and share that her not so perfect childhood and bad past relationships not dictate her future success. She has even gone so far as filming her sessions with her psychologist and documenting her first pregnancy while juggling several successful divisions of her business.

Bethenny is a promotional machine and is driven beyond belief.  She has been seen promoting her Skinnygirl margarita completely pregnant, attending various charities, on the talk show circuit, trained and performed on “Skating with the Stars” and sold her Skinnygirl margarita brand to Beam Global for a reported $100 million.

Bethenny has done something that is rarely done in entertainment, let alone by a reality television celebrity.  Frankel then used her appearance on Bravo’s reality series as a promotional platform in not only personal branding but even in the creation of her brand.  She even played with her Skinnygirl logo with another cast member on Real Housewives for viewers who got a glimpse of her business process.

She has leveraged her personal story as a product and her brand.  Another important part of her branding is being consistent with social media.  “I want to have a dialogue with my fans, and right now the only dialogue I can have is in 140-characters,” says Bethenny Frankel in an interview with Wall Street Journal in late 2010. Forbes reports both her Twitter and Facebook has a half-million followers and if you Google Ms. Frankel you get 3.8 million hits.

Bethenny also used social media as her impromptu marketing group from time to time asking their opinions on various upcoming Skinnygirl lines of products.  It’s a simple methodology that Bethenny uses through social media.  Always appreciate and mention her fans on Twitter and Facebook.  She constantly reaches out and shares her personal life with her fans and includes them in her daily conversations. ask can Bethenny crack a billion in sales.  I think she will and it will be entertaining watching her do it.


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