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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Featured, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 3 comments

Beautifully Simple DailyCandy

Beautifully Simple DailyCandy


Beautifully Simple DailyCandy

Goodbye DailyCandy

  Update April 10, 2014 by Francesca Alexander| The news is upsetting as we hear that DailyCandy is being shut down by NBCU.  Through out the years I have seen a decrease in cheeky sexy copy that it was known for.  As it can happen after a corporate buy out (Comcast bought DailyCandy in 2008 for $125 million) has systematically broken down the awesome direction of this website and got well…commercial.  DailyCandy launched product lines, supported upcoming designers and elevated every woman’s email box on Thursdays. Common corporate mistake was to get someone from their group to take over and direct contact.  They had someone who “helped” HBOGo website to take on the role of VP and General Manager.  Unfortunately they couldn’t up keep the soulful sisterhood connection alive and well as monthly visitors teetered off. Here is why we adored and loved DailyCandy.  This first started off as a cult movement of  happening young women in the know about what was hip and chic and shared it.  That was the formula.  Super simple and honest.  Women respond to truth in the desire to be fulfilled in movement in…shopping!  It’s a way we connect in ritual self care.  That Thursday newsletter told us what the new hot spot was in your city and you would meet up with your girlfriends to have a smart cocktail. DailyCandy was my generations smart marketing, inspired city exploring and was my look at who I needed to know.  You will be missed DailyCandy and your story will always be sweetly missed. _____________________________________________________________________ Original Article Dec. 29, 2011 | This is one of my favorite entrepreneur stories of all time. A thirty something writer in New York doesn’t like waiting 3 months to find out what’s hot next season. In a New York minute she wanted the skinny on what’s hot then share it. You forget you are reading an email and it is as if your best friend is leaning into you and telling you her favorite places around the city. Dany Levy created DailyCandy in March 2000 the choice for those that want to be stylish and fashionably informed. Personally working and living in Los Angeles I would wait for the weekend report (that is thankfully published on Thursday) to plan my weekend of where to go, shop, and where to grab a cocktail. DailyCandy uniquely knows the city you live in and will email you a peek into a lifestyle that you should have been having all along. This is a viral love story. You know in a good way. When Dany Levy decided to publish this newsletter she emailed to all her friends, colleagues and family members. At the end of the week 700 subscribers signed up for the lifestyle newsletter. Now it’s estimated to have around 5 million in readership. Everyone who is a subscriber wants to be a subscriber and about 95% will open it up their email to read their newsletter. 61% forward articles to their friends regularly. This Is Why It Works & This Is Why We Love Them DailyCandy honors their readership. They describe their target audience as a influencer in her own right about 29 (or forever 29?) fashionable and spontaneous. She is also loves her city and wants to engage in it in a stylish way. The reader will go to any sample sale DailyCandy calls off. One London storeowner claimed that the announcement of her sample sale set a line around the block. When she inquired with these customers where they heard about the sale two thirds of them said it was from DailyCandy.

Malika Dalamal DailyCandy’s London editor “The rest of the stories I kind of find from scouring the streets and being out and about…We have to be first with the story so if someone else has written about it before its had a lot of press you know we just won’t cover it.”  A DailyCandy story is most likely to be written in a few days to get a quick turn around in their newsletter.  Malika explains how they look at products for their publication.  “If it’s a product it has to be clever and smart and beautifully designed. But most importantly it needs to be kind of relevant and applicable to our reader.” If DailyCandy likes your brand it can catapult you into fame very quickly.  Handbag designer Rebecca Minkoff is a well-known handbag designer and has her very own Cinderella story with DailyCandy .  The Los Angeles edition wrote about her handbag called “The Morning After” it became very popular with the readers.  After the editorial Minkoff’s design completely sold out in LA.  This was such a jolt Minkoff decided to drop her clothing line collection and concentrate on bags.  She accredits her success to DailyCandy and says she launched her handbag business in less than 200 hundred words. DailyCandy keeps it simple with great content and great illustrations. This is a signature of their brand.  You can’t by editorial but you can buy advertisements paired with loyal readership is the simplicity of their success.


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Monique says:

Love Daily Candy! Been reading it since it came out! Great story!

Thanks Monique I also have been reading DailyCandy for a long time and love every email. Thanks for your comments. It means a lot coming from you! xoxo Francesca

Ariana Allen says:

Love this article! I’m always looking for inspiring women to help me as I grow my business.