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Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 28 comments

Building Relationships With Restaurant Patrons

Building Relationships With Restaurant Patrons

I live in what I think is our version of SoHo right here in Los Angeles.  Pasadena is mostly known for the Rose Bowl and the parade.  I see it as a thriving boutique community and a haven for foodies.  I bounce around in this town and seem to never be short of gastronomy adventures.  Today I was walking in the rain on Green Street to see my friend @Mr_Pasasdena for lunch.  We get together from time to time and share our love for the city.  We also discuss restaurants, events and how the city can transport you into either a metropolitan experience to a communal earthy vibe in the same city.

On this day Mike (a.k.a. Mr. Pasadena) were talking about service.  We both reflected on how important it is to have the house manager or owner really connect with each customer.  Not just a “touch” of the table; which people in the industry coin as a part of the management/ owner daily responsibility.  People need more of a connection.  Patrons want to feel important.  Reaching out to patrons is about asking “What brings you to our restaurant?” “Is this your first time here?” “  “What do you think of today’s special?”  Something called authenticity is missing in our daily interactions.  What separates you from the other restaurants in your town?  Do you practice daily reaching out to retain your customers?  Do you really have a following?

Support your cause by thanking people on twitter for coming in.  Maybe mention who has been at your restaurant on Facebook.  “We had a great party come in from Random Reality Group! Their favorite dish is our humus veggie platter and our mini lamb burgers!” Insert a photo of the dish or the group if they want to participate.

Customer engagement and building relationships is where it’s at in customer retention.




Rod Klindt says:

Excellent submit, take pleasure in the look of the website page also.

janet says:

Definitely …. genuine personalized service goes a long way!
Love it, thanks!

Hi Janet. Yes personalized service and making people feel important is what brings back customers. Here is our sign up list: Hope to see you here again soon!

Wood says:

It’s imperative that more pelope make this exact point.

I agree would. It’s the new realm of customer service for sure!

Lyzbeth says:

I really clodun’t ask for more from this article.

Jayan says:

Haha. I woke up down today. You’ve ceehred me up!

Awesome Jayan. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter: Cheers!

Jenelle says:

Thanks for introducing a litlte rationality into this debate.

Mahaley says:

Hey, subtle must be your mildde name. Great post!

Chaas says:

Please teach the rest of these internet hooliagns how to write and research!

Dillian says:

I guess finding useful, reliable information on the internet isn’t hopeelss after all.

Jayan says:

I can’t believe I’ve been going for years wihotut knowing that.

Jacie says:

I thank you hmbluy for sharing your wisdom JJWY

Thanks Jacie and if you like this article we are going to do another foodie article soon. Sign up for our newsletter:

Emmly says:

I wanted to spend a muinte to thank you for this.

Gerrilyn says:

Glad I’ve finally found somheting I agree with!

Indy says:

Way to use the itrneent to help people solve problems!

Denim says:

Shoot, who would have thuhogt that it was that easy?

I agree! Building relationships is as easy as making new friends. Turning your customers into friends is the easiest way to hold customer retention.

Ellie says:

Boy that ralely helps me the heck out.

Mccayde says:

A million thanks for posting this inrfomaotin.

Alyn says:

You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shraing.

Hi Alyn, Thanks for your comments and I hope you sign up for our newsletter:


Mauve says:

Heck yeah this is exactly what I ndeeed.

Bubi says:

IMHO you’ve got the right aneswr!

Jennis says:

I was serioulsy at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

Susie says:

Hot damn, looknig pretty useful buddy.