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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Business In Your Pleasure!

Business In Your Pleasure!

Hustle and Glow

Today’s Tweetable:

 “Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?” -Holly Golightly 


Here we are in June! If you’re running a small business the question I posed may be a little uncomfortable. You may even be getting ‘“pings” in your stomach as you think of your sales goals for 2013.  Are you near it? Is what you’re doing making a real difference in your business? Is your online presence making an impact? How many Twitter followers have you gained in 6 months?


Believe me, the above is important. I get all my Hustle and Glow clients from one source and that’s Twitter. Twitter is an amazing sales funnel and you too can tap into it. There is an easy way to build your following with real results.


Almost a year ago this month I finished my mentorship program in New York, graduated from the course, and flew home to Los Angeles. I looked at how I was going to change my business model to be in my complete pleasure. This included implementing an 11am business-day start time.


I also noticed my 8000+ followers on my Twitter account. I was completely grateful to have such a following, but wanted to experiment with increasing it. I wanted to hand pick my audience, gather like minded people, and really gain a following that loved what I wrote. Tall order, I have to admit, but I’m someone that loves creating something out of nothing.


Now I am happy to share with you that I have 30,000 + followers and still growing! I developed a whole system of social media PR that is in wonderful synchronicity. Not only is there a great rhythm to what I do, it has proven results.


In true entrepreneurial activism I am ready to reveal this method and teach it to you in a new offering I am launching.  It’s called…

Digital #HustleandGlow

And here is what you will get! 

Digital Hustle and Glow


Starts July 5th

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Digital Hustle & Glow: A 4 week digital experience with

weekly modules, group support on Facebook and strategy

layout for your social media campaign.  You will learn how to

boost your following on Twitter from 200-600 per week!

This is not one of those weird “pay for followers” useless

gathering of people. This is hand picked, perfectly calculated

and relevant audience for your cause.


Need more one on one time with me?

Digital #HustleandGlow

Mentorship Digital Hustle and Glow


Starts July 5th

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Mentorship Digital Hustle & Glow: The ultimate digital

bootcamp that is an upgrade from the

Digital Hustle & Glow.  

You have direct contact and sessions with me to hone your

social media hustle! We also work together on getting

your action plan together.


Creating lasting change starts with you.  I shared how I changed my course and I would love to hear what you did to change yours.  Share them right below in the comment section.

Keep going! Wishing you more success than you ever imagine!