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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured, Lifestyle, Social Media | 0 comments

Conformist or Revolutionary… 

Conformist or Revolutionary… 


Tweetable: Revolt turned into revolution and I pursued the life and business I really wanted.” -Francesca Alexander


Did you forget to be inspired?  


When last we left I shared with you how it’s so much more than just wishing.

Do you wait to be inspired or do you check in on your desires and do everything to make them happen?

It takes courage to do this.  And you have it. Believe me. You do.

When I started Hustle & Glow process, I was delighted to see the amazing sparks in women.  This ignited something in me that committed me to your success.

Conformist or Revolutionary 1

I know how it feels to want to start your incredible business and then be in a holding pattern brought on by one’s self.  My website wasn’t live because it was not perfect. I put mixed messages into the Universe with incomplete Facebook pages and Twitter accounts without completed profile pages.  I had a visible excuse online that showed people I was “Coming Soon” but…when was that?  What’s “soon?”


“I’m waiting to find a web designer to complete the website.”


“I want the perfect logo to identify my brand.”


I’m not sure if I want to consult and collaborate or go into business for myself.”  


and the dreaded


“I’m so busy these days.  This will launch sometime later this year.”


I had no idea unhappy I was making myself.  So unhappy that I landed in the emergency room  because my body couldn’t take it.  When women (in particular) do no live in their pleasure, our bodies rebel.  My body revolted.  Revolt turned into revolution and I pursued the life and business I really wanted.

Conformist or Revolutionary 2

As a revolutionary, I reinvented how to do things so my priorities became easier to reach and they were infused with my personality, passion, and pleasure.  Among the results are over 23K Twitter followers, speaking appearances around the US, and programs described by digital media experts as purpose driven, done with pleasure, and like nothing else in the industry.


This is what I wish for you: happiness and success with your business.  I want to tear down that “Coming Soon” sign that has been hanging over your soul.  I want to show you what I know to elevate you and your business and ignite your truest desires. I want this so much for you.


It’s now up to you.  I’m right here.  With you…

Rooting  for you.


One question:

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Let me know how I can help.

Email me at