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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured | 0 comments

Connect, engage and inspire!

Connect, engage and inspire!

unnamed copy 3Today’s Tweetable:

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”  -Coco Chanel

Are you experiencing a slow cycle right now like the rest of us? It’s
not unusual. In fact retail sales go down considerably this time of year. One
luxury department store I used to work at did a an annual sale called

“The Anniversary Sale” which was their best sale all year long in hopes to get bodies
in the store. It was a brilliant concept to pre-sell and promote new fall items at
special one time price. But there was a huge disconnect…

What they refused to do for years was to advertise their sale. They prided
themselves on “word of mouth” and having their sales team call 100 of
their close customers to come in. They found it didn’t have traction or success like
it used to. There was a stubbornness about not wanting to change with the
times. “It worked before and we are sticking to it!” I remember hearing a store
manger say at one time. The trouble here was no increase in sales for
consecutive years and if you were in sales no commission or possible lay off was
in your near future.

What changed?

If you ignore your opportunity to cease the moment you will ignore your
opportunity for growth. We have the ability to course correct and start our
own promotion cycle. To vastly show who we are about, even in the
“slow months” without undercutting our prices.

Your anthem should be rhythmically beating at all times using social media.
Connect, engage and inspire!

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