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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 4 comments

Être propriétaire de votre Courtisane Conjuring

Être propriétaire de votre Courtisane Conjuring

Today’s Tweetable“Only share your dreams with people that believe in you and take you seriously.” -Francesca Alexander via @GlobalGirl_LA


For some this is a provocative topic.  Is it really possible to conjure and can you do it in your fullest pleasure? Here’s where “Having It All” comes to life.  There are so many ways to create what you want and move toward your dreams.  Why is this topic on a business blog? I firmly believe you deserve a business and a life you create in your pleasure.  The happier you are the more you inspire others around you and more you proposer.  When you feel fabulous it radiates through you and around you.  When you get down to it you have a responsibility to feel good.  We all have to do our part to create a happy environment around us.  Moreover you need to have a daily of creating and sculpting your life as you really want it to be.

I was recently asked to speak at this teleconference on how it would be Conjure Like a Courtesan.  It got me thinking about my process in conjuring and how I put action behind it.  I must confess I’m a really good conjurer.  Here is a link of the call and below I’ll share my steps.


  Click Here To Listen

“If you’re craving fame don’t apologize for it. Live it now!” -Francesca Alexander

My personal step by step practice of conjuring like a courtesan.


Step 1: Get very clear on what you want.  

This is so important!  I suggest letting your imagination run wild and close your eyes.  See what comes to you.  The more ridiculous the better!  Sometimes we talk ourselves out of what we want.  Do this a few times to start the creation process.

Now decide what you really want.  Start with simply writing it down.

Step 2:  Kick your limiting beliefs ass! 

Limiting beliefs will sneak up on you and try to talk you out of your dream.  You will find yourself trying to reason your way out of getting what you want.  What I do is take a moratorium for at least a week on why I can’t have my dream come true.  For one full week I believe I’m going to have it and I do physical steps that support that I’m going to have it.

A fun example of this is that while I was in New York I played with the idea of living there.  I walked into an Equinox gym in Lexington and signed up for a free week to check it out.  While there for work I lived like a New Yorker and soon found myself giving street directions to tourist.  Darling “Act as if” until you get it.

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“Once you get what you want recognize it all started with a thought of having it.” -Francesca Alexander


Step 3: Relax, release and allow…

This is where the practice of being a courtesan of conjure really benefits you.  The seduction of telling the Universe of what you want in your sexy way.  Releasing the thought of you may or may not getting what you want.  Now allow it to come to you.  Let it be yours.

If you can picture the practices of a courtesan while you are creating what you want will get you there sooner.  Want more?  Here are five tips that courtesans like Marlene Dietrich, Édith Piaf and Frida Kahlo practiced to create what they wanted.


5 Tips From a Courtesan that Conjures:


1. Self care.  Spa day or a message while creating what you want in your imagination will get you there sooner.  Doing self care rituals like taking baths or whatever puts you in a state of bliss will excelerate your process.

2. Allow the gifts to come to you.  Say thank you to gifts that will surly come to you.  Courtesan’s attract gifts.

3. Be in a state of thankfulness.  Thank the gentleman that pulled open your door by looking in his eyes directly.  Be authentic in your gratitude. It’s amazing what happens when you smile out loud.

4.  Tell only the people that take you seriously of what you really want!  Don’t perplex non-believers just share your wants to your admires.  It works every time.  Don’t be surprised as they conspire to help you.

5. Stay with your intention of getting what you want.  Don’t apologize for what you want.  Be patient and lounge in your pleasure of your thoughts.  Do anything that brings you pleasure and think of what you are conjuring.  This super charges and attracts what you want sooner to you.


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Jill Martin says:

I live in a state of gratitude. Since I have actively been jettisoning limiting beliefs AND concurrently ramping up self-care, I have been amazed at how effortlessly things have been flowing in my life. I am committed to creating my business in this new model of feminine pleasure. Love that you are putting this out there Francesca!

Lynn Daue says:

I love this! It sounds a lot like Rose Cole’s and Gina DeVee’s method of manifesting your desires as well, which is something that really resonates with me. My favorite part is kicking your limiting beliefs to the curb – you can accomplish so much if only you change your mindset!

Your right it is about a shift in perception. Thanks Lynn!