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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on May 14, 2017 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog | 0 comments

Do you believe?

Do you believe?

I had the most wonderful journey in becoming an entrepreneur. I first started to invent myself as an entrepreneur when I got let go from my dream job at a famous West Hollywood Celebrity spa. I did social media marketing and eCommerce strategy for this company from start-up to being featured on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.

I helped put this skin care product line on the map and help place it in luxury brand stores in the U.S. and was recently happy to see it her at Mecca in New Market in Auckland. This experience alone should have given me the confidence to know that I was more than capable of starting my own social media boutique agency. I was indeed the best in the industry and the early days (2006-2010) in social media marketing.

I started with celebrity clients and showed them how to tweet. Worked with Hollywood publicists on social media strategy and started to feel my niche in social media marketing with small businesses. From the $500 a month coaching client to the $5k a month corporate client my confidence was steadily building along with my business.

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If you know me on a personal level this was not the forefront of my story. Finding love was my main focus. I was happily getting a divorce from a verbally abusive marriage I had in my 20’s and then nearing my mid-30’s I was going through my most devastating breakup with my 22-year-old Marine fiancé that was deployed to Afghanistan. I was broken and lost…

Through it, all and a lot of clean up with my mentor and therapist Rebeca Willis (70 young soul of Mexican descent). She is a regal gorgeous fashionable chic lady and practiced in the exclusive suburb of San Marino, California. My work with her started to work for me to get clear on what type of man I wanted to attract. I needed work on understanding what feeling worthy looks like and the man companion that was right for me. It was a lot of work, a lot of dating and of course as they say when you least expect it, it happens. I fell in love with a Kiwi from Wellington.

My life story is about love, not entrepreneurship. What if that love doesn’t coexist with your dream business. What happens when he says “Can I see your business plan before you go forward.”

This is not only my story but so many of us have to deal with this or a similar story. There is a lot of shame on this topic and a HUGE mental block in growing our business. This meetup is all about this topic.


Click Here to view and join the Meetup

Gorgeous, I would love to see you there and bring in needed comfort, pleasure and laughs to this event!

More to come on this important project called…