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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Mar 15, 2014 in Featured, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Are you willing to do anything?

Are you willing to do anything?

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“When you’re exhausted it is evidence that you are not living in your pleasure.” – Francesca Alexander



Are you?  Are you willing to do anything to…


make the client happy?


bake the cookies for the bake sale?

pick up the dry cleaning for your significant other?


do the project that pairs you with the office gossip?


Are you?  Are you willing to do anything to…


not criticize yourself for not cooking dinner for your family every night?


take that extra long bath and burnout that expensive candle you were saving for a special occasion?


splurge on a pint of green juice at WholeFoods?


leave the catty conversation just when it starts to happen with a smile?


Are you?  Are you willing to do anything to…


stand by your pricing and raise your prices starting this month?


listen to your gut on everything while not second guessing yourself?


take yourself out to a movie just because you haven’t taken yourself out on a date in, like, forever…


take the damn day off already if only to drive to Santa Barbara for a latte!


What are you willing to do to make this significant life of yours work?  Take some time to figure it out.  Get organized and play with the craziest unachievable unreachable idea ever!  It’s already yours.  Claim it!


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