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Posted by on Jan 3, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog | 0 comments

La creación de su calendario editorial

La creación de su calendario editorial

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“Do you first and your productivity suddenly becomes effortless and pleasurable.” -Francesca Alexander


Now that you have a little free time before you jump back in the game, take this moment to create.  Editorial calendars are usually the last thing on someone’s mind.  I get it, I get it…  After all, how can you plan to create?  I mean, does it even make sense to plan a the creative element to your business?  Yes and here’s why.  When you have some downtime the pressure is off and the creative energy becomes present.  Take advantage of it!


Here are Five Easy Steps

To Create An Editorial Calendar


1. Do what Oprah does and put your mind in what the audience wants to hear.

Oprah’s producers pitch her ideas for the show.  How she decides which topic to use is how she interprets the audience’s reaction.  “What’s the message? How does this serve my audience?”

2.  Don’t worry if it has been said before you say it.

We haven’t yet read it from you!  Whoever is reading your blog probably already likes your opinion.

A great example of repeating a theme or message is what I once heard from  Louise Hay.   Louise referred to all the speakers at her conference saying the same theme over and over.  She was surprised how one speaker didn’t resonate with her but somehow resonated with others.  We resonate differently with others and when someone finds you relevant, awesome!  Now speak to them the only way you know: by being yourself.

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“To keep the creative flow consistent be curious and be observant in the present.” -Francesca Alexander


3. Jot down what you want to say and then bullet point it.

Don’t worry about how this may or may not work.  Creatives just create and go with the flow when they are in process.  You can adjust and cajole as you see fit once it’s all written.   All you’re doing right now is putting your ideas to paper.

The most effective blogs roll out a new story each week.  Commit to four stories per month and roll out your editorial calendar for the next 3 months to start.  Fill in all the topics here.  You can always substitute if you want to insert a hot topic or a current topic.  This is all you!


Set some “goddess time” aside for yourself. It does wonders on inspiring your creativity.



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4. Give it a one-two punch on a Sunday. 

Most successful blogs are written in advanced which takes away the panic element of getting it done.   I write my blogs on Sundays at least two at a time so I’m far ahead of the curve when it comes to my publishing dates.  You can pick one day a week to post or vary it a little.  Just make sure you support your article with a strong social media push.  Post your blog everywhere!  Watch your analytics and adjust where need be.  All you need to do is be curious, experiment and write for your pleasure as well as your readers’.

5. Hate writing?  Vlog it!

Wonderful results come from posting a vlog with your weekly newsletter.  People are more prone to look at a video then read a full blog.  You can keep it super short too when you add a video.  Whether you hate writing or not, video is an excellent way to deliver messages, ideas, and campaigns. Different senses come into play.

Do what works for you.  When you’re in the creative flow without pressure, your weekly blog becomes easy to create.  

Bonus Tip:  How To Create A Topic Under Fire

Tweet about it!  If you want to feel out a topic, tweet experts on a topic and see what comes back to you.  Check out my article “Having It All Part 2” to see how I did just that.

Like this blog?  Don’t forget to comment below especially if you have some ideas in creating an editorial calendar.