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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Part 3 Entrepreneurial Activism

Part 3 Entrepreneurial Activism


Today’s Tweetable: “Ambition is not logical.  Eff it and do it anyway.  It’s your passion!” 


-Francesca Alexander



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When you open yourself to co-creation with the Universe, it’s not enough to have good intentions. You have to put action behind what you want.  

I know how it feels to want to start your incredible business and just be in a holding pattern brought on by one’s self.  My website wasn’t live because it was not perfect enough.  I put mixed messages into the Universe with incomplete Facebook pages and Twitter accounts without completed profile pages.  I had a visible excuse online that showed people I was “Coming Soon” but…when was that?  What’s “soon?”


“I’m waiting to find a web designer to complete the website.” 


“I want the perfect logo to identify my brand.”


and the dreaded…


“I’m so busy these days.  This will  launch sometime next



I totally get how it might be challenging for you to commit to a program and not to mention the strain on most budgets.  I went through this myself. Then last year when I was embarking on involving myself in a mentorship program that had me fly to New York each month it hit me.  Mentorship programs are supposed to challenge you and the first challenge is always cost!


When you really are ready the Universe will help conspire on your behalf to come up with the money.  It did for me.  Whether or not you choose my Hustle & Glow Mentorship program or someone else’s, you will find it’s one of the best investments of your life!



Here Are 5 Ways To Change Your Mindset Change Your Game! 


1. Recklessly write down what you really want!

Seriously do it!  And I mean practice reckless abandonment here.  The more impossible the dream seems is what you should write it down.  For instance, I wrote  down a crazy one:  “I want to find my incredible partner anywhere in the world.”


Take action: I reluctantly did something I didn’t think I ever would do and signed up for an online dating site.  I envisioned my partner in life to be supportive and loving and we would constantly laugh together.  I was honest in my profile and imagined how it would feel walking down the street and creating a life specifically in a particular neighborhood in Pasadena, California.  I wrote the feelings of how that would feel in my journal.  I imagined the look our apartment.  I would even walk the streets of our neighborhood  in which we would live.


I went on dates and just checked in on how I would feel.  Did it match what I wanted?  Eventually I know I was onto something one night when I wanted to come home early from a Dave Matthews concert to go online and chat with this amazingly handsome Kiwi who was living in Dubai at the time.

We have been married now coming on four years next week.


Better than a caffeine boost is an inspiration boost!  

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“When having a rough day as an entrepreneur say to yourself “eff the 40 hour work week!” Feel better?”

-Francesca Alexander


2. Create A Vision Board

There is something magical about clipping images and placing them on a board.  I use Pinterest for my personal vision board now.  Like all of my vision boards in the past there are items there that have come true.


Take action: Take some time during the day and collect images of what you want your life to look like.  Don’t be afraid to do this in your business as well.  If you want to be a writer, create a book cover.  If you want to have a boutique that will house vintage handbags create the floor plan of your shop.  Visualize how it would feel once you have what you want.



3. Be Real, Be True About What You Want

Is what you want really in your pleasure?  I know this sounds funny but we do this.  I had a friend in high school who had a dream to be nurse.  She pursued it, got her degree and started working at a local hospital soon thereafter.  I bumped into her years later and she shared with me how she’d wished she had taken that time to backpack in Europe instead of going to school for nursing.   My friend pursued her “dream” because she would be the third generation of nurses in her family.  Update: my friend is now a very talented artist. She has always been one.

Take action: If you were going to write a story of how you became your most desired self, how would it start?  Create steps of what you need to do. Now schedule it!

“If you don’t schedule it, it’s not real.” –Marie Forleo



“Push your edge! Do anything that is uncomfortable. It will help you flex your entrepreneurial muscle.” -Francesca Alexander


4. Get a Mentorship


When we are in our dreaming faze, chances are we need advice from an expert. Seek a mentor in your field and check out their website.  If it’s a good match, pursue them.


Take action:  Do anything you can to learn from those who give you hope and knowledge.  Ask if they have a mentorship program.  Don’t offer to intern unless your under 22. Internships have their value but mentorship honors your experience and you need to take yourself seriously as a professional.  This also provides a change shift. When you exchange money for a mentorship program, a profound shift happens.  The energy surrounding your intentions is now in alignment in the direction for real change.


5. Invest in Yourself


This is big!  Once you decide that you are worth investing in yourself to reach your goals you will stand in your power!   I remember crying when I purchased my first plane ticket to New York to meet my mentor.  It was life changing.  Seriously. I have come along way. There was a time when,  I mean, I would rather have had a deadbeat boyfriend ask me for money and give it to him rather than pay for anything worth having for myself! By committing big financially to your education and pleasure, the Universe conspires on your behalf.


Take action:  Commit to the process.  Go in guns blazing.  Do the process of the program wholeheartedly.  Ask for help when it gets tough and get an accountability partner.  Also make sure that you will get the type of support that you need before you invest from your mentor.  Chances are if you seek it, the right mentor will come to you.


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