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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Nov 13, 2016 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog | 1 comment

Getting Yours!

Getting Yours!


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“A state of consistent anxiety it is evidence that you are not in your  zone. Your pleasure zone.” -Francesca Alexander




Instead of taking the meeting, or booking the free consultation…

Take the last minute pedicure appointment.

Buy the sketch book and pastel set you had your eye on.

Take the train all the way to the beach.

Walk barefoot whenever you can.


Instead of freaking out about money…

Fire the client that doesn’t pay in time.

Buy those boots made in Spain.

Pop that bottle of bubbles.

Wear the sexiest under things under your t-shirt and jeans.

Instead of getting down on yourself because your boss doesn’t get you…

Don’t forget you are creating something great.

Know that your best work is what makes you happy when you create it.

Know you’re not meant to please everyone, just yourself.

Sleep early mid week, because you’re that important.

Instead of worrying about your career path…

Dream big.

Play with the idea of the most crazy adventure of your life!

Put your profile on an online dating site.

Test drive that Range Rover.

Plan that trip to Paris.


Instead of straining to explain why you’re starting your own business…

Smile like you have an intoxicating secret.

Prepare the speech.

Know what you are going to wear on Oprah.

Drink the green juice.

Feel the love of the person you haven’t even met yet.

Breathe…  I’m holding digital space for you.


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