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Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 1 comment

Giving Good Lip Service: 5 Hot Women You Need To Know

Giving Good Lip Service: 5 Hot Women You Need To Know


Social PR girls like myself share with one another who you should know and learn from.  One of the amazing ladies I met in NYC during the RHH Live event, Kate Harvie always shares with me whom I should know or which seminars I need to go to.

I thought it would be great to talk about “who you need to know” and if you have been reading my blogs for a while you may already know them.  It’s no coincidence that all of these women know each other.  These women support each other in business and they call each other friends.  I call them the new women’s movement.  They all seem to be mostly based in New York and I find them fabulous.  They remind me not to fold when it comes to pleasure, not to be a control freak, take weekly action, remember your “ING”, and be kind & drink green juice.

Here are 5 hot women you need to know for your business, your health and are the best resource for entrepreneurs. 

Mama Gena



In December I met Mama Gena while volunteering for the Flawless Foundation in Los Angeles.  I went to her “Occupy LA Living Room” event and got to see her speak.  I was taken by her statement that “Revolutions start from sister to sister to sister!”

I enrolled in Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Series.  I have already met some amazing women and exciting networking opportunities.  When I say networking I mean beyond business.  This will help with my daily practice of achieving what I truly desire.  The most amazing part is that I will be traveling to New York and Miami for this mastery series.  Could it get any better?  I’ll let you know.


Marie Forleo


I am a HUGE fan of this lady!  I really try not to mention Ms. Forleo in every post but the truth is I learn so much from her!  I have huge gratitude because without her I wouldn’t know the ladies I am writing about today.  Also Marie has taught me that all things are possible in business.


Laura Roeder


I just completed her flagship product  “Creating Fame” and it was an amazing program! An essential part of the entrepreneur process is to know Laura Roeder.  Laura is also a collaborator of Marie Forleo’s B School.  I will be writing about Laura Roeder in a future article called What Gen X Can Learn From Gen Y.


Gabrielle Bernstein


Spiritual entrepreneur with a Carrie Bradshaw twist.  Favorite quote: “Fear keeps us playing small.”  Bernstein believes you need to be abundant to be of higher service to the word.  Amazing YouTube channel and full of sound advice.  I wish I knew her when I was single.  Gabby gives some solid advice to the single ladies.


Kris Carr

Amazing perception changer! She gives the low down on why you should drink green juice and how to lean into veganism.  Solid facts, careful planning and amazing resources to start you on your Crazy Sexy Diet.


The most amazing thing happens when you just start to follow one of the aforementioned, you start to find more amazing strong women that are sincere in their desire to help you achieve greatness.  More and more you will find progressive women that are like minded and it will unfold right in front of you.  This is definitely apart of my Rhh Live transformation.  My change in perception seems to keep changing in the positive as I follow these women.



Other hot ladies you need to know:


Kristin Burnett @frontpagewoman on Twitter


Kate Harvie @GlossGal on Twitter



Jackie Dumaine @jackiedumaine on Twitter





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