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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!


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ity bitty clear Twitter pink bird “When you put action behind your dreams it tells the Universe you are ready.” -Francesca Alexander


A Four-Week Social Media eCOURSE                                                                                           

+ FREE 1 year of AMP Membership ($444 value)

 Just $297

limited time only

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This program is right for you.   I also like to weigh all the options and see if it is right for me and my business.  Take a stand for your business right now.

Trust your gut on this and go with it.

I want to share a few quotes from some past #HustleandGlow grads!

Virginia Watson

Maria Kritikos

Kristy Kryszczak

Dr. Susan Mathison

This is why should you be all in…

It is about changing the game.  Empowering your knowledge of how to use online digital PR tactics to elevate your presence.

Over 7000 + clicks shared this article.  Why?  #HustleandGlow is a movement.  People want to be inspired by you and I show you how to get a cult following.  The best part about this is you do all the implementation of this program in your own desired time table.

#HustleandGlow honors your individuality and you call the shots while creating your new concept in your strategy.


This automated 4 week online course is for those who are so busy and need to study on their own time.  The best course for entrepreneurs and small businesses to understand the under pinnings of social media marketing.

Our digital social media marketing course consist of the following:  

  • Video Demonstrations

  • Tutorials

  • Behind the scenes access

  • Facebook Forum

  • Free Resources

  • Lifetime access to this program!

  • You can opt-in to join the LIVE version of Hustle and Glow and be ahead of the class.

  • Share this program with your team.

  • We breakthrough how you can get your website sexy and appealing to potential customers.

  • We get your copy right and tight. It’s how we create compelling, cult following driven copy that is in your voice.

  • Get some serious mindset changes when it comes to getting your business finances in order.  We discuss raising your pricing and elevate the quality of your clients.

  • We create and find out who your client is and where they are hiding.

  • Grow your Twitter following anywhere from 400-600 + followers per week.

  • You refine your offering and flush out what you really want to create.

  • Purposeful dance meditation MP3’s

We also cover:

  • Basics in social media and get you up to speed.

  • Social media strategy and best practices in amping up your campaign.

  • How to build a following.

  • We show you how Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can all work together and boost your social media campaign.

  • We show you the importance of reputation management and what it means to your brand.

  • Show you how to create and easy editorial calendar for your campaigns.

  • Recommendations on free tools and paid tools to amp your hustle.

  • How to calculate and determine your return on investment.

Digital #HustleandGlow from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.


One last thing…

The program is getting fresh updated content for the 2014 launch.  I do what I teach and if you raise the value of your products so should your pricing.

Buy now for just$297 and you will lock in your lifetime membership and be apart of the 2014 auto upgrade + FREE 1 year of AMP Membership ($444 value)

Buy Now pink

Just $297

Free 1 year AMP membership limited time only

This at home course that I created with you in mind is the real deal!  No I’ll take your money  and you can’t communicate with me because you don’t have the upgrade version.  I’ll be very clear here, I am the #EntrepreneurialActivist and I come from a space of h*ll yes!  Meaning I’m there for you when you have any questions and I stand for your Digital PR revolution.

You checked out this amazing program.  It’s not the “normal” program as we deal with some mind shift tactics that help you promote yourself unapologetically.  I’m holding digital space for you.  Can’t wait to finally work with you.

We are adding this bonus module and lesson on how to create infographics for Pinterest.  You know what, it’s really simple.  In fact all my modules are designed for the beginner and the pro.


Infograph module

 If you purchase now you will lock in your lifetime membership and be apart of the 2014 auto upgrade + these bonuses:

Free 1 year membership of AMP

-Join our live 4-week session of #HustleandGlow two times a year.

-Behind the scenes look on Facebook.

-Bonus infographic lesson to boost your Pinterest and social media engagement.

Buy Now pink

Just $297

Free 1 year AMP membership limited time only


*5% of all purchases from Alexander Global will be donated to