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{#HustleandGlow} Week 2: Commitment

{#HustleandGlow} Week 2: Commitment

Commitment Today’s Tweetable:



“Dreams are just that if you don’t plan action.”

-Francesca Alexander


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This MP3 audio is a guided dance meditation.  You can either lay down with eyes closed. (Great to listen in bed first thing in the morning) You can also keep eyes closed and dance along with the audio. Headphones are essential so the transport you into this space.


This is an absolute must to listen to when you “get in your head” not sure if you can do this.  This is an affirmation dance break!  Enjoy!



This week’s Hustle and Glow inspired lesson is simply scheduling. Scheduling your business, your wellness, and your education takes some real commitment. In this week’s class we are going to take a look on the effects of a real commitment and how to stand in your real sexy power.


Scheduling Scheduling Scheduling


Scheduling is simply showing up for yourself. When you schedule your task, your assignments to your team, your down time, and your family time, things just run smoother.


A great tip is to start your day by breaking up your first half hour. 10-15 min. of scanning your emails (Don’t respond to any just yet. Emails are a big time suck.), and for the rest of your half hour schedule your day. Don’t forget some physical activity, especially if you are an entrepreneur. 30 min. walking or gym time should be scheduled here. Consider a 20 min. Dance Break if you can’t make it out.


The second half hour hit your email but don’t stay on it more then 30 min. Don’t visit your email again for another 2 hours. Don’t get sucked in! Everyone thinks they’re urgent including your fellow entrepreneur friends that just want your “quick opinion”.


Next, give a quick screen recording for your virtual staff. Guide them through what they need to do and what is going on in your company. This is so valuable. Let your team help conspire on your behalf when you tell them your intentions on your next phase of your business. Also check out which is a free tool to manage your team and great for project management.


Schedule Your “Goddess Time”

Commitment 2


This is what I call my private time. Goddess time is when I book a massage, acupuncture, Equinox gym time, long walk in my favorite neighborhood, lunch with a colleague. Name your pleasure and it’s Goddess time. This must be scheduled every day to increase great productivity. I find if I break for a bath or step away I’m refreshed and come back doing my best work. If I really want to kick up productivity all I have to do is travel. By the way, hello from San Francisco!

 Commitment 3


Schedule in that online program you just purchased.  


I know this sounds kind of out of place but it begs to be addressed. As the creator and purchaser of many info products you must allow realistic time weekly to be a success. Don’t schedule too much time on the weekend to do your programs. You may find yourself resentful of putting in weekend time on a program you will have to seriously focus on. Remember, your pleasure is first if you want to thrive.


Great time to schedule your info program time is Tuesday and Friday. You can focus and it will most likely not impede on your work week schedule. Also, take it seriously. Complete your task on time and work with your mentor to do this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in any of your programs. If you can’t get good customer support before you even purchase the program let that be an indicator of how successful this program will be. If you get frustrated when you’re in your learning curve, break away from it and check in later or the next day.


If you have yet to purchase an info product like Hustle and Glow what are you waiting for? You should always seek more information and new education that will help your business.

Being committed to your cause in no joke.  Especially when your business is at the start up phase or if you are transitioning your small business to have a strong online business. Talking about being consistent right now is so obvious but it begs to be mentioned here. The reality is if you get caught up in all the daily tasks, keeping sales goals in check, and prep for your next promotion. This is how you stay motivated and not feel overwhelmed!

Lastly Remember To…

Stay committed. Be real on who you are and your pleasure. Always keep moving!




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