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Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

{#HustleandGlow} Week 4: Getting Your Glow

{#HustleandGlow} Week 4: Getting Your Glow

 Get Your Glow

 Today’s Tweetable:


“Do only what is in your pleasure. Your future depends on it.”-Francesca Alexander


As we close up our free series of the behind the scenes #HustleandGlow we have yet to cover the Glow. Hustle is all about the implementation of social media pr, strategy, systems, and elevation of branding. Glow is what we all seek in terms of balance, but we take it to the next level by introducing the seduction and creation of a life in pleasure.

I teach and believe that you must apply pleasure in the key moments of frustration in the work day. In fact, I encourage that needed dance break when you get fixated on a technical problem. Cutting loose and getting into the pleasure zone will get you back on the right track as you release the right endorphines and prolactin into your sexy system.


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This MP3 audio is a guided dance meditation. You can either lay down with eyes closed or you can dance along with the audio, also keeping eyes closed. Headphones are essential to transport you into this space.

This is an absolute must listen to when you “get in your head” about any technical setbacks you may have. This is an affirmation dance break! Enjoy!


This is how we get into the right space to continue with the good work you do and don’t get discouraged. Anytime you are in a frustrated space, get up and walk away. I have a client that goes out and rides her horse when she get’s frustrated behind the computer.  That is brilliant and exactly what a Digital Goddess would do.

In this video we check out how I ramp up my creative work flow. It seems when I travel my work productivity increases. It proves my theory of how being in your absolute pleasure inspires you to do your best work.


Getting your glow on daily is essential for your business. Taking care of yourself by implementing wellness holistic care will also benefit you in the long run. Take breaks and walk in your neighborhood. Get involved in a community locally or globally with other like minded entrepreneurs. Solidify your resolve to get what you really want out of your business and life. Write it down. Conspire with others and conjure like a courtesan. Don’t be afraid to seduce what you want from the Universe and never apologize for your brilliant desires. Use Pinterest as your vision boards that you can access anywhere, not to mention share!

Finally, invest in yourself! Check out the Hustle and Glow program and start there! I stand by my product and seen this take entrepreneurs to the next level. This is your time and by all means, do it in pleasure.



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