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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Dec 29, 2013 in Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Inspiration Pushers

Inspiration Pushers


   Stop telling me to be inspired…


    Because I am the real deal.  

    I have dreams just like you.

     I want more and have done the work.

     I am dedicated to my life soul’s work.

     I love greater now then ever before.


   Stop telling me to be inspired…


    Because I naturally smile at Christmas lights.

      I dont’ need a webinar to get me focused.

      I call in love too easily.

     I am spontaneous and have kissed strangers at a moments notice.

     I now smile when I think of friends I have lost track of.


    Stop telling me to be inspired…


    Because I have walked in high heels and owned it.  Mostly my clumsiness…

     I have looked at the stars and see magic.

     I do not desire to post all my tragic events on Facebook.  They are my
secret triumphs…

      I am taking a leap of faith and moving to New Zealand while I’m
terribly frightened of Marmite.

     I emailed everyone I know on Cyber Monday because I stand for my


    Stop telling me to be inspired…

    Because if I’m reading you, you already inspire me.

     If I’m checking you out across the room I am not throwing shade I am
shooting you admiration.

     I’m still inspired even if I’m having an arse of a day.  I’m inspired through

     Don’t tell me to be inspired when I make it happen no matter who said I
couldn’t do it.

     When I am not doing it for the money but just curious on how far I can take
this dream.

     Join me in the revolution, the movement, the breathing space I created for you.  As               always I’m holding digital space for you…      


#HustleandGlow Live! Starts Dec. 14 from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.