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Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured, Lifestyle, Podcast, Social Global Grind Blog | 0 comments

Ep. 17 – Jackie Dumaine

Ep. 17 – Jackie Dumaine

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A well known life coach-speaker and yoga teacher, Jackie Dumaine, is the creator of the Yoga Code – a step-by-step process of how to apply the 10 Universal Principles of ancient yoga wisdom to our modern world, and create extraordinary shifts in all areas of your life: money, career, health, family, and relationships. To know more about the 10 Universal Principles, visit her website at

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I met her in 2011 at a business conference and from that moment on I followed her career. She started her present career in 2008. She was burned out, exhausted from her corporate job, and then the “Shift” happened. She quit her job and went to India to reconnect with herself, her meaning, and the Universe. She became fascinated with yoga but not more on posture or its principles. From then on, she created the Yoga code – a guide to a happy and meaningful life. She established workshops and a personalized coaching program.

At the start of her career she struggled with the technicalities of the business – how to express the message in the way she wanted to. She started workshops locally – in her community before exploding in internet marketing. Entrepreneurship for her is a journey of transformation and personal growth. As the business kept on evolving and growing, there was a time that she lost track of the message. And so, she learned a lesson – take your time, go back once in a while to remember your “why” and remember not to get caught up in the hype. She wanted to go in a deeper, more personal way and not a mass way.

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She started doing 1-on-1 coaching when some participants wanted to know deeper yoga principles. Her students go through a 3-month journey. Every week they go deep into each yoga principle, to know what the principle means to their life and how they can apply that principle. At the end of each session, she will give the students a “soul assignment” – a tool which they can help apply immediately the principle in their life. That said, the Yoga code became not just weekly workshop but as a system to use and follow. She sees it as a spiritual blueprint – GPS for the soul. She will be launching a program to offer a certification so her students can train others.

She believes that all of us need a mentor in our life – to guide us. We need someone to share our fears, dreams, goals, ambitions, and scars. Working with a coach can provide concrete tools that can help us deal with our problems, give new perspective in existing challenges, and deal with them in a different way. She wants commitment when she does coaching because in order for a change to happen, you need to commit fully.

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The advice she gives to fellow entrepreneurs whom procrastination is a challenge is to accept and understand that it’s in their nature, to know how procrastination affects them internally, and to take even a small action to move forward. Also, an advice to fellow entrepreneurs who are involve in online business is to take day off – to go outside, reconnect, go out to nature, and leave the gadgets at home to avoid burning out. Some of the symptoms of burning out are fatigue, fogginess, cravings for sweets, feeling uninspired, and sometimes pain near the liver side.

If you feel you have one or 2 of these symptoms, maybe Jackie Dumaine can help you. Go to her website for more information on what she’s offering and, moreover, to know her message and cause.