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Posted by on Nov 1, 2015 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Featured, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 2 comments

What Would Jackie O Do?: Digital Etiquette

What Would Jackie O Do?: Digital Etiquette




Today’s Tweetable:

“I want minimum information given with maximum politeness.”

-Jackie Kennedy Onassis



How do you think Jackie O would take your LinkedIn request or would she send you an auto DM to you on Twitter?  The answers may surprise you.  One of my favorite books is What Would Jackie Do?  by Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway.  This is a delightful read that is an inspired guide to distinctive living.  Already that grabs your attention right?!

Let’s take some inspired imagination and think of how Jackie O would advise us on how she would address digital etiquette.



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5 Jackie O Inspired Simple Social Media Tips 


How To Request a LinkedIn Invite 

Make it personal.  Instead of using auto request send a personal note of why you would like to connect.


Keep It Cool






Don’t apologize for a Twitter auto direct message.  Instead make it as inclusive as you can. Caress with the right sentiment and have a sincere message.

Facebook Request From Non-friends

Mind your Ps and Qs.  “Like” her public page and don’t try to friend her personally if you don’t know her.  What would Jackie do?  Well she wouldn’t report you as spam she would just move on.


Pinterest in Style





Jackie would take a notebook before a new season and plan her wardrobe purchase down to accessories.  She planned her style with careful thought and kept it very private because she hated to be copied.  I would imagine she would change her thought and create a board of vibrant tactile clothing and accessories you would see her in the up coming season.


Email Campaign:  Call To Action

Jackie often sat with dignitaries and reached out to their wives by delightful conversation and charm.  She often stayed away from political chatter but spoke about contribution and the betterment of the American people.  How could you resist an email with a driven focus, wit and a real call to action?  She appealed to the activist in all of us and what could we do for our country.


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Grace, style and poise are what came natural to her.  I would also venture to say that she would never be negative on any social network.  I would be inspired by her tweets of positivity post on Facebook.  Her legacy lives on.  Just take a peek at what Maria Shriver is doing on social media


“I am an activist, author, journalist and mother. I consider myself a work in progress. My mission: to inspire and empower people to be Architects of Change.” –Maria Shriver



I love this, Francesca. Social media can be a lovely place to hang out when you show up with heart. This post made me smile.

Thank you and I love your brand! Hope to see you at #RHHLive this year! xoxox