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The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On


  By guest writer Karrie Landsverk  

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs in my family. While many of us have worked for employers during part of our careers, most of us have a burning desire within us to make our own way. My grandmother for example, is a well-respected antique dealer who specializes in collectible dolls. She is known across the country for the quality of dolls she sells and the immense knowledge she has in collector dolls. She has a passion for collector dolls and wanted to share that passion with others.


I think what tugged at my heart to move towards becoming an entrepreneur vs. just working for someone else is that same desire to share what I love with others in a way that makes their business stronger and their life better. I am a trainer and presenter working with businesses to transform people into high-performing teams. I can choose the talents I want to build on and shape the path that I take. Knowing I have creative control as to how our business evolves is exciting and freeing. Expressing myself creatively and using the gifts I have been given to their fullest extent is most important and fulfilling to me.


I am still early into the process of owning my own business and working with partners. Our LLC is not quite two years old so we are still discovering where we are heading. I am blessed to be part owner of a company that offers professional education services to businesses so they can achieve their highest potential. Teaching and speaking are my gifts. I love to share, and everything I do to grow this business while utilizing those talents is meaningful to me.


My business partners were actually former customers of mine in a previous role and little did I know at the time, they were “stalking” me to check out what I all had to offer. They watched me for three years and decided to approach me with an opportunity to work together. My partners are women with vision, always looking to add great people to their team. They saw my talents and found a position to fit. I love how they saw the talent first, and then found a position to let that talent thrive! They believed in my abilities. It was their belief and pursuit of me that had me take the leap of faith to walk away from my previous position and into a partnership.


To stay focused – as I can sometimes be that shiny object kind of girl – I revisit our mission statement and our ultimate purpose. I reconnect to my personal values and reflect on what brings me the most satisfaction in life. Communicating with my partners frequently about what we each want from this business, developing a plan, and then following through with our plan to ensure we achieve our goals is critical.


Living a purposeful life has become something I have only recently fully embraced. I have always been drawn to certain roles that have pieces of what I find most fulfilling, but they were never fully connected to my greatest strengths. Truly seeking out my purpose in life has only come in the last few years. This is a path I am still exploring and discovering.


I think the struggle some people have much like I did, is fear of stepping away from what we know and are comfortable with. I was afraid to give up my corporate paycheck to something that didn’t hold as much “security.” The ironic part is, as we are seeing in today’s economy, there is no true security with any “job.” They can be taken away at a moment’s notice. We falsely create security and stop ourselves from moving in the direction we were called to go.

We also allow other people or job descriptions to define who we are instead of listening to our hearts. When I finally became in tune with when I felt the greatest satisfaction and response from others, I knew I was meant to be a trainer and presenter. To create greater meaning in your life, pay attention to what brings you the most joy, and where you give the most joy to others. Then decide how you can create more of that in your life!


Bio | Karrie Landsverk

Karrie Landsverk, Partner, Trainer, and Speaker with AmericanWay University.  Karrie has been a leader in the business world for 15 years including higher level leadership roles with a Fortune 500 company to wearing multiple hats while working for a mid-sized company. Karrie’s greatest passion is educating and developing people individually and building solid teams. She loves to share her knowledge and experiences with others through fun and reflective messages that equip learners to reach their greatest potential.

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