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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

My “Go To” Gift Guide

My “Go To” Gift Guide



Heir Atelier $38

By far the best traveling companion ever! I find it soothes and calms skin

while giving me the right prep for a great foundation finish.

This makeup artistry line understands skin.  They are offering

free shipping and some proceeds go to UNICEF.

Available at


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candleAquiesse Travel Candle $5

I love shopping for my travel and this was the calming candle

I used to to go to sleep after 12 hour flight to Australia.

Fresh scent with notes like Herbal Tea and Sandlewood.

Found this at Distant Lands in Pasadena

and on the website below.


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Tara Stiles


Yoga Cure by Tara Stiles $15

Ok seriously the best little book you can ever have to help you strike

a proper pose for a quick soothing result.  Getting in touch with

your body and mind while healing yourself in a yoga pose is

so amazing!  Great for women and this is absolutely

thoughtful.  Gift with some great loose leaf tea!


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Love Bead


Me and Ro Love Bead in Sanskrit Bracelet $105

 I use to shop their Melrose Place location but is no longer.

If your in NYC they are on Elizabeth Street.  Me and Ro is the upscale little

jewelry store with intention.  This was my Valentine’s Day gift I gave to my Kiwi husband.

Great for the Bohemian girl or Surfer dude in your life.


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Shrink Sessions by Erin Stutland $99

This is a gift I totally think you should get for yourself.  Fabulous movement both

figuratively and literally.  You say positive affirmations while working out

and Erin makes it very young and hip.  You will have a blast and

easy to keep up with.


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Sam Talbot


Sam Talbot’s The Sweet Life $23

If you are trying to give up sugar and are running out of ideas check out former

Top Chef’s Sam Talbot’s book The Sweet Life.  Delicious food and he shows

you how to prepare good food to keep your sugar levels at an even keel.

He’s not bad to look at either…  Just saying…

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Digital #HustleandGlow

Four-Week eCourse Digital #HustleandGlow $97

social media at home course

For the entrepreneur that is crazy busy!  This little gem can be shared with their

staff & take it together.  Easy, interactive and you actually take #DanceBreaks

during the process.  This upgrade version has several live sessions

throughout the year.  Oh and yes it has changed my life!

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