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Oh Shift! It’s 2015!

Oh Shift! It’s 2015!

This time of year we take a look back at where we have been and where we want to go.  If you are in the corporate landscape maybe you thought of your personal career advancement.  Perhaps you are ready for a promotion or ready to jump ship to land that desired position.  How would you start?  What if you wanted to take a huge leap from your current position to something greater?


Are you ready for putting yourself on track for a promotion?


In the corporate space we work on our projects and assignments to become wildly successful so we can accept that great bump in pay raise with a title change.  That doesn’t always work out.  For some of you, you may find that your hard work, ideas, and accomplishments directly benefit your boss, not you.  Which only lands you a stable place in your current position …for now.  You find yourself on the corporate hamster wheel only searching for your next big recognition cycle that may or may not come in a timely manner.


#ProTip:  Get out of the emotional investment of helping your current workplace succeed.  Think of your future, not theirs, especially if you have been passed up for promotions within a year’s time frame.  Its time to be all about you!

Write down your desired dream job and look up qualification on job seeking websites to view the scope of that position.  Do this at home only or use your mobile internet.  This is your dream and your employer should not know about this at all as it might affect your current standing with your company.


Do you think of yourself as “not worthy” of getting a pay raise?


Oh, honey, stop that!  We sometimes idolize our current bosses and others for their flawless pedigree while reflecting on our own.  I get why it’s easy to fall in with the collective thought of how people seem to be more important when they went to the right schools and worked previously at the right company.  Is it the end all and be all of self worth?  Absolutely not.


#ProTip:  Understand that you are greater than what you are currently producing at your job.  If you don’t feel bothered by your current circumstances it probably means you have much more work to be done at your current job.  I don’t think that is the case if you are this far into the article.  Having the essence of a fulfilling job or career is what we thrive for and it’s a metaphor for self worth.  Proving yourself to your boss is often linked to proving yourself as worthy.  Don’t get stuck in this trap.  If you need to move on explore those possibilities with complete pleasure.


What is your desired pay scale?


Most of your performance in your corporate position is supplementing big fat bonuses for higher management.  You know the same higher management that forgets your name.  Anyway…  Money, pay scale, bonuses, and consistent pay raises is something you have to expect and identify.  The best way to do it is leaving the previous job (which in a lot of ways is tied to your current mindset) to make a fresh start of it.


#ProTip:  Listen to business podcast shows using ear buds while working in your office.  It will help you focus your energy on your next big leap and spark your imagination.  Ask yourself how would your dream job change the quality of your life?

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Do you have to be an entrepreneur to effectively use a virtual assistant?


No! This is the magic of having a wonderful virtual assistant.  They can help your leverage or  scale you in a better position than you are currently in now.  It’s not expensive for you to have your very own virtual assistant.  We are talking $20-30 bucks a week.


#ProTip:  The Google Hangout below will show you how you can start your career shift in easy digestible steps using a virtual assistant.  It’s a brilliant way to expand on your conscious efforts in uplifting your career.


Are you experiencing “imposter syndrome”?


It’s also called fraud syndrome and its a real psychological phenomenon that we often internalize.  This is fascinating because we can feel like a fraud even though we have substantial external evidence that we are impactful.


On a personal note, I can’t stop thanking one of my previous employers, in particular a VP who was so negative regarding social media.  He thought it was a waste of time that the marketing and PR team deal with social media since it wasn’t going anywhere.  This was about 5+ years ago and he made my work life a living hell even though I showed consistent reports that we needed to get on board and use it to our advantage.


I then did something crazy and eventually started my own boutique digital PR firm.  I later found said former VP trying to start up his own social media company.  Looking back at the particular VP it wasn’t the only shortcoming he had in the marketing and sales landscape.  He had confident and aggressive overtures of how brilliant he was.  He would often say – after bonuses or pay scale would have to go down due to the company overspending – “I will grow you.  Be patient.  I have big, big plans for you.”  He was right except I was the one that executed the growth and it was me all along that had big, big plans.


#ProTip:  Don’t trust any negative upper management voice that criticizes your capability.  I’m not saying don’t take on constructive criticism but put it in perspective.


In 1956 MoMA New York sent Andy Warhol a letter of rejection for his gift of his own art.  The words “P.S. the drawing may be picked up from the Museum at your convenience,” still gives me chills just thinking of the humiliation Warhol must of felt having to retrieve his art work.

Don’t for one minute think you’re not brilliant. Don’t believe negative hype.

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