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Posted by on Jan 19, 2012 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 5 comments

Personal Branding inspired by Carrie Bradshaw

Personal Branding inspired by Carrie Bradshaw























In a city where things change in a New York minute, how would a writer like Carrie Bradshaw use social media? Moreover if you had a story to tell like what it is like being a single woman in New York how could you expand your reach other than writing for the fictitious newspaper like the New York Star?

It is such a different playing field where writers or reporters really can go beyond the paper or their news show.  Live feeds of their thoughts broadcasted on Twitter are such a commonality now. Just by sharing their thoughts they are elevating their presence and expanding their reach. 

 Ann Curry 


With over 1 million followers, Ann Curry of the Today show will show you what a day in the life of a New York reporter’s day looks like. Curry builds relationships by posting what I would call the right amount of photos to keep interest of her readers.  In short her micro blog talks about current events, interesting up to the minute insiders thoughts and enough wit to keep us captivated in her daily process. 

Danielle LaPorte



Dubbed as the “Fearless Writer” Danielle LaPorte is very active on both Twitter and Facebook.  Cleaver quips to spiritual encouragement this outspoken insightful author speaks of what is on her mind right at any given time.


This is why Danielle is so flipping successful and this is what my favorite writers should be doing.  Create a blog with an active newsletter, post on Facebook and Twitter and challenge the reader to be something great.  Write what you feel even if it’s not conventional.  The more out of the norm you are the greater the audience.  Personally I am drawn to the “F Bombing Yogi” greater than the conventional one.




The more truthful you are, share your thoughts, share your latest shoe purchase via Twitter, a real peek in your life, your message, your action is not only daring it can be the key to your success. 



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