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Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 7 comments

Personality Based Brands: Should You Reveal All Of You?

Personality Based Brands: Should You Reveal All Of You?

Is Your Brand A Personality Based Brand?

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Some of my clients don’t have a retail product or restaurant as a brand.  Their brand is who they are.  From actors to realtors I teach them that the more they share their daily process and tweet about it, the more likely they will grow interest in their brand.  Why?  Personality based anything is what is hot when it comes to social media.  Lately we are all obsessed about reality TV personalities and follow up with our favorite disheveled hot mess celeb on social media.  It is classic social behavior to do so.

Now this is the extreme in personal branding and of course I don’t recommend displaying the chaos that is happening in your life.  I’m making a point here about how our natural sense of curiosity or perhaps our voyeuristic needs want to know just a little more about someone.  It is human nature to peek into someone’s life that you are curious about.  The more you capture their curiosity with your story, the natural social behavior is to peek in from time to time. 

Lady Gaga is a genius on showing her soul, creating art in real time on twitter and even running ideas of her next projects.  She also uses social media for philanthropic awareness, what she is working on, press releases and she thanks her fans constantly.  Gaga also has fun on Twitter like tweeting how she is alone dancing in her hotel room.

Sharing what your up to and bring in your daily experiences are also note worthy when someone is flicking through their twitter stream.  These are all stories that are being told in real time.  If you are mild mannered or not afraid to fly your freak flag (depending on your brand) just share your story!  You are the best person to tell your story, share it and you will organically grow a cult following.  


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Personality Based Brands: Should You Reveal All Of You? | The Social Global Grind is an amazing share. Thank you for this article.

Kathleen says:

This is HOT Francesca! Just what I needed to hear! Have been grappling with the deeper purpose of Twitter… and you just gave me the key! LOVE IT!

Holy smokes someone’s on fire! Glad I could help! :)

Bubber says:

I acutally found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

Sunshine says:

This artilce keeps it real, no doubt.

Kaycee says:

Wonderful explanation of facts avalbaile here.

Ollie says:

That iinsght’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!