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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 9 comments

Be Your Own Pin Up Girl: A Pinterest Story

Be Your Own Pin Up Girl: A Pinterest Story

Be Your Own Pin Up Girl: A Pinterest Story

by Francesca Alexander

Digital Publicist. Global Dreamer. Entrepreneurial Activist


It’s not a surprise that women have taken over the most popular social media network and here’s why.  Well before we get into that did you know that Pinterest has over 4 million users and females dominate as users from 25 to 45 of age.  Let me tell you it is addicting and the images are soothing enough to escape from the stress of the day.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  Imagine looking at your favorite types of images, pinning on your virtually board then sharing it.  Women have used this to share their baby announcements to even planning a wedding.


Check out this video on how you can apply Pinterest while your traveling.



Before you get on board with Pinterest here is some inspiration from some of my favorite boards.


Oprah Rooms We Want To Read In

Can it get better than that?  Who can’t resist not having a lovely moment with Oprah and view her favorite rooms…



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Jillian Michaels Healthy Eats Board

Even Jillian is sharing on Pinterest! This is one of my favorite boards to be inspired on eating healthy.


Images of Grace Coddington

If you adore the classic style of vintage Grace Coddington can leisurely see it here.


Bethenny Frankel

I love New York and this New Yorker shows us her viewpoint.


Just look at the how much time you just spent clicking and exploring Pinterest.  Look for my next article titled Pinterest and Consumer Behavior coming soon!


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Hi there, Thanks a lot for this brilliant article! I will save this website. Many thanks.

Hey Francesca,
Great post and video. I picked up some great tips and examples. I already use Pinterest, although not with a marketing agenda at the moment. Just having fun right now. What I do like about Pinterest so far is that for a marketer, you can step outside of your niche more and venture into what interests you in a very creative way. It’s so fun!

Thanks Louise! Let me know if you have any tips on Pinterest to. Take care, xo Francesca

Victoria says:

I love Pinterest. It is definitely my favorite social media platform. You really hit the nail on the head when you said it’s a way to escape. I really do find it soothing and I love looking at the many beautiful images.
Great post!

Thanks Victoria I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Lara says:

ohhhh love that! that’s not silly at all. everytime i try to wear gloss or liistpck that is red, i take it off before i leave the house because i get so nervous about it lol. i did discover last year, while trying out yellow nail polish, that if you try something for a full day, then you may just love it. maybe i should try red liistpck for one full day :)

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Kathy says:

Love your blog and great video.

Thank you Kathy! I’m glad you like it. :)