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Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Kendra Richards shares pro makeup artist tips for the female entrepreneur

Kendra Richards shares pro makeup artist tips for the female entrepreneur



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small pink and white twitter bird“Showing up for ourselves first and foremost helps us show up for others.” -Kendra Richards



This is part 2 of a dedicated series on the female entrepreneur.  Here we virtually go to Hollywood, CA to learn the tricks of the trade to beautiful flawless skin first and make up artistry perfection.  Kendra Richards is a colleague of mine and a dear friend.  Here in this article we get her vision on everyday tricks that female entrepreneurs need to know.




You can find more videos and #HowTo’s from KendraTV on Pinterest

Interview with Fashion and Celebrity Makeup Artist Kendra Richards from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.



Professional Makeup Artist Kendra Richards shares tips for Entrepreneurial women



by Kendra Richards




I am going to begin by talking about a basic mindset before I even talk about make up specifics.

I believe that as entrepreneurial women we need to show up for ourselves just like we do for our clients…


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When you work for yourself and especially work from home it’s easy to slip into the habit of not putting yourself together, not bothering to dress in something that makes you feel empowered and great, or doing your hair and make up because you think nobody is going to see you.  While it may seem that is exactly the appeal of being able to work from home what we are forgetting is that we are someone and we are worth showing up for.  Showing up for ourselves first and foremost helps us show up for others.


As a professional make up artist who works some days on set with talent and other days from home as a entrepreneur with my own facial serum my schedule varies but I can tell you that the days that I work from home and show up for myself just like I do for clients are more productive and I feel more positive about my day.  Showing up for yourself affects your overall mood and productivity level.  Now the degree of dressing up and doing hair and make up is up to you just understand that it’s the intention behind it is really most important.  So put something you love on and do a little hair and make up and see for yourself what I mean.

 Where Beautiful Things Happen

Ok, now that I have shared that I want to address some questions that I have been asked by women who are already in the workforce or who are looking to re-enter the workforce:


Makeup for Professional Headshots 


Your make up should look polished and professional.  Regardless of what you might do in your personal life in general you will do best professionally speaking by having a polished make up look that doesn’t detract from you but enhance your features.  For example maybe you have fantastic eyes, you can play them up while remaining professional if you use eye shadow in natural tones, simple eyeliner and a coat or two of mascara combed thru with and eyelash comb.  You should save the bright colors, cat eye or heavy smoky eye make up and tons of mascara for example for your personal life.  The message that you translate in a photo should be professional and capable.


Here is an image from my portfolio of polished clean make up that does not over power as one example of what you might aim for in your look.

Think of women like Barbara Walters, Erin Burnett, Katie Couric and Michelle Obama.. all women who look polished and put together but their make up and hair are not distracting.  That concept can be translated no matter what your age or profession.


How to look good for a Skype Interview

Many people now do interviews via Skype.  That can be a great thing or not if you are skyping from a room with poor lighting.  Since this will be the first impression you may have with a prospective boss you want to look your best.  Something I have learned from being in the entertainment business is that lighting is everything.  One trick I use is to put a light behind and above my computer screen to mimic the kind of lighting that you get when you are being filmed. on camera professionally.  It’s not perfect but tons more flattering than basic overhead light or whatever ambient light is in a room.  I have snapped a shot of what I do to show you as well as the actual desk lamp that I use.  I hope that it helps you to see what I am doing.  You can try this and test it before you have your Skype meeting, see how you look on the screen both ways and adjust the light until you feel you look your best.


Here are some images of the set up I do at home so you can see what I mean.  You will see the kind of desk lamp I use and then how I set that up behind the computer screen and tilt it so that it shines directly on my face to light me up while I am talking… usually I have to move it back a little so it’s not too bright but is flattering.  Give it a try, you will see what a difference it makes.



What are the basic make up items I need for a professional make up look?

You can do as little or as much as you feel is best for you and most comfortable with.  Here is a basic guideline.


Begin with a good make up prep; I always prep my clients skin with Heir Atelier Ultimate Make Up Prep  (I created it to prepare the face for make up and create the perfect canvas as well as help make up look fresher and last longer)


Use foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer where needed.

Eye shadow if you like in neutral colors, preferably matte not shimmery.  An option to eyeshadow is to use a flesh tone concealer to correct discoloration or darkness over the eye area and then use setting powder to create a fresh look instead of shadow for example in the case of deep set eyes.

Eyeliner  to apply at the lash line (Brown or Black)

Mascara (Brown or Black)

Make Up Brushes and Eyelash curler if you have straight lashes

Blusher (nothing too pink or with shimmer/glitter)

Lipstick or lip balm… nothing overly shiny or sparkly for professional make up.   Lip liner if you want.

Light face powder only where needed if you like

These are basic guidelines to give you some direction to keep the focus on you and what you do or your products.

Those are the most frequently asked questions I get from women who are working from home or already employed or wanting to re-enter the workforce.  Hope that helps.

It did Kendra!  Thank you for contributing.  To read more about Kendra Richards click here!

Add your comments below for some tips that you have on keeping a polished appearance.


#HustleandGlow Live! Starts on Dec. 14th

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#HustleandGlow Live! Starts Dec. 14 from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.