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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2014 in Featured | 0 comments

The $9 eCourse

The $9 eCourse

This past week I was navigating through my new city in 
Auckland, New Zealand using Google maps to make sure I
get to a meeting on time.  There I was skimming through a
the very crowded city streets where I heard a email alert on
my phone.  I checked it out and there was a customer that
couldn’t log in to one of my membership sites.  To imagine
my panic a bit more, customer service is a very big deal to 
me and it’s a core value in my business.  

Here is the magic…

A simple email to Rochelle (my virtual assistant
from the Philippines) and she did this:

Rochelle Email


I never got into telling Rochelle what to say or how to problem
solve, she just did it.  Rochelle is my rock solid and my long term 
virtual assistant.  I love her!  She doesn’t know this but I work
through a lot of control issues by letting go and putting task in
her more than capable hands.  

Do you want some of this magic?

I have a eCourse that I am inviting you to join.  
It’s called Find, Train & Grow Your Virtual Team.  Together
we will be taking this live #AMP Session of the program with
Live Google Hangouts.

Find, Train & Grow is not just for entrepreneurs.  This eCourse are for those who want to eliminate 20-30 hours of extra work taken off their desk.  


Limited Time Offer $9 For The Live Version of
Find, Train & Grow Your Virtual Team 

$9 ends Feb 1



Just one time payment of $9



Find, Train & Grow is not just for entrepreneurs.  I also find that my corporate clients are using Find, Train & Grow to climb the corporate ladder.  They’re projects being turned in before deadlines and promotions/ bonuses happening because of this program.

Do yourself a favour right now and list all the things you can have a virtual assistant do for you just this week alone.  It will blow your mind!  

I would love to see you there. Until then…


Dream On & AMP on!