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Posted by on Oct 15, 2016 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 0 comments

The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star

The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star

The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star on

I have two interesting case studies involving Instagram marketing.  Both are top celebrity makeup artists and are well respected in the industry.

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Case Study One: Editorial Print Campaign

An up and coming well known fashion line reviews two different models for an upcoming editorial print campaign.  Celebrity Makeup Artist “A” wants to work with her favorite model and has had successful print campaigns with said model.  This model is easy to work with and well liked on the set, plus has a wonderful rapport with the photographer.  This congenial model was passed over for a different model by the client with less modeling experience.

The model they hired did indeed have less experience and was not a natural like model “A”.  This model had one point of difference that was the deciding factor.  She had a thriving Instagram account.   While model “A” had a few hundred Instagram followers, model “B” had nearly 20K followers.  Retailers are getting savvy about social impact.


This startup fashion house decided that model “B” would would help promote their brand on Instagram.  Model “B” came with their desired market/ customer already built in.  For any retailer this is a smart move as they know have established a brand ambassador at the same time.  Gigi Hadid is a prime example of a thriving, robust Instagram account who oftens promotes the brand and sometimes behind the runway in a makeup chair.

donatella-versace-gigi-hadid The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star on


Case Study Two: Instagram Sponsorship

kristen-stewart-The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star on

This is a very interesting case study that is well known in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industry.   As a Los Angeles/ Hollywood native I’m not at all surprised by this trend but you might be.

Sponsorships in Hollywood go way back and it comes in all forms.  From red carpet swag bags to intentionally having the paparazzi take photos of a celebrity going into the next hot restaurant on Sunset Blvd with an intentional “incentive” given to the celebrity.  

During a recent red carpet event, a celebrity makeup artist optimized her social influence and her A-list celebrity to it’s fullest marketing potential.  This make up artist called a luxury cosmetic company and pitched sponsorship.  “If you provide product and remuneration I will Instagram and promote your brand.”  The luxury cosmetic company was obligated to this sponsorship proposal.   The A-list celebrity in question is also the face of their brand.  They could not have this A-lister wear Chanel cosmetics on this important red carpet event as it would literally not be a good look for the company.   

Jennifer-Lawrence-The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star on

The result of the day by using this new social marketing technique from said makeup artist was a $20K day.  A ten thousand dollar invoice was sent to the luxury brand cosmetic company + the movie studio paid the make up artist their $10K fee with social proof as a part of the contract.  The vice president of this luxury brand revealed this was not anything they had planned for in terms of their budget; however, the social proof on Instagram and media coverage outweighed any budget concerns.

Instagram has become a centric focus in Los Angeles and New York advertising, fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.  It’s  a platform you should explore and here a few #ProTips you should consider.

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5 #ProTips for Instagram

Jourdan-Gigi-Kendall-The Make Up Artist & The Instagram Star on

  • Sign up and be active on Instagram.  Be sincere in posts for the first month and remember, don’t sell.  The key here is to share your experience.  
  • Check out Instagres and explore how to gain followers that resonate with your brand.
  • Research top tags.  Hashtags are important.  Remember to apply in the comment field as much as possible.  You can refresh your hashtags at a later date and your Instagram photo will top the viewing queue.  
  • Check out leading Instagram apps like Word Swag, Tags for likes, and Flipagram.  They will polish your post and make you look like a pro.
  • Don’t share selfies on every post.  Share your experience as much as possible.  I have been taking images around New Zealand and adding quotes on top.  They seem to be my most popular posts.  

For more tips or to chat about Instagram strategy feel free to send me an email at

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