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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

This is something I shouldn’t be doing but I can’t help it!

Thanks for the click! Ready to change your game?

I’m doing this project and I wanted to let you know I’m doing something that I’m not “supposed” to do.  (But hey, life wouldn’t be very fun if we all just did what were supposed to now would it?)

So what is this “bad” thing?  Well, if you any interest in building a business online you know that it’s all about leverage- leveraging your time, leveraging your resources, no longer trading dollars for hours, blah, blah, blah.

So all my peers tell me I shouldn’t coach people one on one.  I love building their business, showing them the way, watching the spark of eureka moment when they see how all the pieces fit together.  (Or even better, the first time they see the money start coming in!)

Teaching small businesses hot to build revenue from the web is an absolute passion of mine.  Whatever that means bringing in leads for an existing business or helping a new entrepreneur create a completely virtual business (like mine) from scratch.  The fun for me is helping people like you build a unique business that they’re totally passionate about (and is totally profitable too- hey we’re talking business here!)

That’s why I’m currently opening up four one-on-one coaching spots (It was five but 1 spot was snapped up right away when I notified one of my customer’s of this opportunity last night.) No crazy deadlines or complicated pitches- once they’re one they’re gone.

If you’ve had an inkling that I could help you create a business like mine- a business that earns a great income, is totally true to my unique voice & message and allows me to live the life I love- then just respond to this by email at (Your email can be totally blank or write whatever you like!)  My assistant Mary or myself will respond right away with the info about being one of the four to work with me one on one.