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Top 5 Symptoms of an Exhausted Entrepreneur

By Francesca Alexander | Founder of



Does your life seem to not have the excitement conversion you were hoping for? In a space where the market place is expansive and the everyday entrepreneur is right beside you in the Starbucks line, eyeing the same empty table you wonder, “Can I keep up this pace?” In a place where there are not enough hours in a day and your work day ends not at 7pm but more like 1am, you wonder quietly…“how can I keep this up?”

I’m not going to try to sell you on a 4-8 hour work week, rather, I’m going to be real with you. My first words of advice? Cut that sh*t out! Seriously! Look, you sweet adorable soul, here’s the rub about your hard work and dedication, your body will find a way to shut down from this non-sense. You will get sick and suddenly won’t be able to function. Clients that are waiting will have to deal with an unexpected delay that no one saw coming. Exhaustion dries up creativity. Pain delivers no focus.

Here Are the Top 5 Symptoms of an Exhausted Entrepreneur

-You’re feeling completely lost in life. Nothing is working in near by relationships. You find yourself short tempered and strongly feel, “No one understands me.”

#ProTip: Get out of the house immediately! Walk out of your home office and breathe in fresh air. A fast pace around the block will help you refocus. Endorphins will help with clarity. If you feel incredible after 20 min. by all means keep going! Go for a full hour and you will fill a natural recovery from negative energy and stress.

-You are no longer interested in dating or sex. Romance is the last thing on your mind and you just can’t be bothered. Staying home watching reality tv with ice cream is more appealing. Does this sound like depression to you? Forbes reports that overcoming rejection, failure, and depression is part of entrepreneurship.

#ProTip: Find a strong mentorship program and an entrepreneur group that is positive. Stay away from entrepreneurs that are negative. Trying to be up beat is hard work so make sure you surround yourself with quality people.

-You are feeling burnt out but you persevere anyway. “Bad ass entrepreneurs persevere and get it done.” This is a quick solution but does not have the endurance that you will need to be a success.

#ProTip: Take time off. Take weekends off and limit your work week hours. Consider 6-8 hours a day instead of the average 10-12 hours that entrepreneurs put in.

Coffee and Manicure

-Paralyzed with fear of not producing perfect material. If you can’t please all of the people all of the time why do you need to be perfect? The key here to combat this block is find ways that make you feel amazing about the project. Set your intention of the “feelings” surrounding your product or project.

#ProTip: Set your intentions at the beginning of your work week. Celebrity Makeup Artist Kendra Richards taught me this valuable nugget. This will help keep you focused on the outcome of your work and maintain the good feelings around the project.

-Afraid to launch and afraid of failure. This is a chronic entrepreneur block. We find ourselves having analysis paralysis on all things we do. Coco Chanel encouraged failure and recognized it as a step to move to the next level.

#ProTip: Set a launch date and stick with it. I produced my first mentorship program with rough framework of the modules. It was highly successful. I found instead of stressful hours of making it perfect I could launch and produce a bespoke product that was highly effective.

Finally, the best way to elevate stress is hiring a virtual assistant and eventually team. Hiring a VA can take 10-20 hours off your work week. In the meantime, if you ever start to feel lost know that you are not in your pleasure zone. You are not experiencing passion about your project. It’s time to recalibrate, rest, and take time off. Even if it’s for a quick cat nap. It pays to live a highly enjoyable life.