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Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Entrepreneurial Activism, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Vibrant Health for the Woman Entrepreneur

Vibrant Health for the Woman Entrepreneur

Hustle and Glow


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“No matter what unfolds, stop and try to find out why it is happening in your life.” -Andrea Coulter



Most of you know about my rocking program that is called Hustle and Glow.  I changed my business model this past year to focus on entrepreneurs.  In particular I have been focused on the way women develop, create, run and handle their business.  Nothing is sexier than a women handling her entrepreneurial spirit.  With that said there are some draw backs.

Women rarely stop all other elements of their life while creating their business.  In fact most women will ignore their need to sleep so they can tackle their life and business to do list.  This is common.  If you can imagine this  on a grander scale, imagine being a mother.  Congratulations to your 80+ work week!  Really?

Here is a candid conversation with recent Hustle and Glow graduate Dynamic Physician Andrea CoulterAndrea gives us real advice on how the new modern entrepreneurial woman can handle the feelings of being overwhelmed.



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 Vibrant Health for the Woman Entrepreneur  by Andrea Coulter


In today’s fast paced world, women have, far more of a tendency to take on too much and burn themselves out.


Women entrepreneurs in particular, tend to put far more on their plate, add more plates and then juggle them.


Why?   Well for one reason, because they can, women are amazing multi-taskers. It is a gift of the creator, so that everything gets done in an efficient and timely manner.


As a female entrepreneur, I know you have a deep burning desire to achieve all of your dreams. This desire leads you to push yourself, often beyond your own limits.


A woman’s life force, or Etheric body is the masculine balancing force to their feminine receptive soul and spirit. The Yang for your Yin! It’s what drives you to achieve and never seemingly tire. It’s why you have an incredible strength of spirit that men (sorry guys!) can never achieve.


The problem is, that this inherent ability to multitask and burning desire, has become a heavy burden to bear. Instead of a gift it has become a yoke around your neck. This struggle of wills, is having a hugely negative impact on your soul and spiritual energy; which, ultimately affects your physical well being.


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The more you take on to achieve your desired success, the more you will develop higher levels of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Unless you learn how to properly balance all your energy. The more mental and emotional stress you develop, the greater effect it will have on the functioning of your adrenals, kidneys, heart, digestion and so on. Often problems will remain hidden and brewing for years, until one day the body cannot contain it anymore. Then, WHAM, out of the blue you have some serious condition.


My role as a Dynamic Physician is to help you to see the underlying reason behind your negative drives. How to fully resolve old, unwanted beliefs with Dynamic Medicine. Strengthen your unique life force and physical body through an individually designed nutritional plan. All of which, will allow you to step into your true Authentic Self and shine like you’ve only dreamed of shining!


In order to have it all and remain vibrant and full of joyful health, you must also develop some effective SELF supportive strategies. Strategies that affect not only your emotional and mental well being, but ultimately your physical health as well.


My Top 5 Health strategies for Women Entrepreneurs;


1.  My number one rule, is to make sure that your choices and actions all center around what is right and true for you! You should always be #1 in your life. Whether, you have a partner, children, pets etc. Every moment of every day should be lived from your own heart center first. When you live your life fully for yourself, everyone else will learn to do the same. This way all other responsibilities are faced with balanced joy.


2. Learning when to say NO is huge for women. We have this inherent desire to please and make everything perfect and right. Unfortunately this is completely unrealistic. Falling back to number one, if something is not resonating with you on every level, then simply say no!


3. It’s important to set appropriate boundaries for ourselves and those who we are closely connected to. This is vital if we are to maintain our own integrity and energy. Nothing creates more overwhelm and exhaustion then when we take on others negative energy or responsibilities. Know what is your responsibility and what is not.


4. Taking time for YOU every day! Whether its an exercise class, a walk around the block, a deep meditation, or simply taking a few deep breathes in and out, while looking out a window and enjoying the view for a few minutes! Remember the out breath is actually the relaxation phase, so make it longer than the in. Give it a try right now!


5.  Be conscious of your own thoughts, emotions and actions. Due-diligence is the key to success in all aspects of life. The ability to truly know ourselves, allows us incredible freedom of choice and self power. When you take full responsibility for your SELF, no one can ever affect you in any way.



“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt


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