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Posted by on Mar 15, 2012 in Business & Lifestyle Coaching, Lifestyle, Social Global Grind Blog, Social Media | 2 comments

What Gen X Can Learn From Gen Y In Social Media

What Gen X Can Learn From Gen Y In Social Media

Laura Roeder with Francesca Alexander


Women in tech are rarely spoken of and I always been fascinated on “who are they” and “what do they do.”  How do other women process and get things done.  Moreover I really like how the Gen Y view themselves in business.  I am a daughter of an engineer so my curiosity for how things work started early.  I also think this gave me an edge to figure out how I can make things work.


Apart of my business model is to help teach people in there 30’s and beyond that they can conquer something like social media.  I coach, cajole, manage and demonstrate with my clients that it is easy to learn while doing.  That whole tossing your hands in the air and not doing something you should do for your business is what some older clients do struggle with.


Once you open your mind and look for answers they come to you.  I truly believe that.  When I started my career in social media it was because my boss knew I used Twitter.  I found myself as the community manager for a beauty company.  I read every book on the subject and eventually took a course in Advanced Social Media at San Francisco University.  I soon started my consulting business and the right clients were attracted to me. 


With every leap in business as an entrepreneur there can be a block.  I wanted my business to flourish and I looked for support.  I wanted to find like-minded entrepreneurs that were doing what I do.  I was already following Marie Forleo and through her I saw this amazing young woman Laura Roeder.  Laura had practical easy to follow YouTube videos that I implemented to my business.


 Just F****** Do It!


It’s so true! If you have an idea for a product or business you can keep yourself in the “process of creating” stage forever!  What I learned from Laura is that she would figure out a product or program, create it, launch it and promote it.  I often admired Laura Roeder for her tenacity and how she encourages other entrepreneurs the same steps she found successful in her business. 


When I heard Laura Roeder speak at RhhLive she was speaking about how she could give you tips on how to create a business but she found a lot of people not doing what she recommended.  She spoke of how you should schedule things you need to do in your business and do them.  Sounds simple right?  Not that simple for some…


Be Your Own Action Hero!

5 Quick Steps To Get It Done


1. Don’t think too hard about your project. Don’t get lost in the planning of it all. Break the project down as if you were going to delegate it, then quickly do the first thing on your checklist.  Naturally you will find yourself continually working on this or schedule that next step.

  1. 2. Don’t’ judge yourself harshly because it isn’t “perfect”.  Quite frankly perfect is boring.  Whatever you do don’t let your fear of your project stop you from doing what you want.  I once heard Laura Roeder in an interview say that she would schedule webinars and not even prepare for them at all.  She would just role with it!  You know what you have to say and you just have to say it.


3. If you get nervous about pitching your services or even networking (I actually do this trick) where I am not “speaking about myself”.  Instead I picture that I am speaking of my dear friend “Francesca” and what amazing service she has to offer. (Not in the 3rd person but just picturing my self as a product…)  This got me through a lot of nerve racking events and even interviewing for MAC cosmetics many years ago.  Trust me this works.

4. Don’t share your opportunities in business with negative people.  I once heard Cheryl Richardson say, “Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.”  Find a network of local entrepreneurs and meet up.  I personally reached out to locals on Twitter within  Pasadena and we now meet up every month.

5. Get support from a friend or find yourself a mentor.  I have been really lucky in finding mentors in my life both business and personal.  Open yourself up to this and you will find the right fit.  I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s HerFuture website where she encourages her members to inspire, empower, and connect.

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Sidney says:

Great post, Francesca. Thank you for the empowering reminders.

Thanks Sidney!!!! xoxox