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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Entrepreneurial Activism, Featured, Lifestyle, Podcast | 0 comments

What the bleep is #AMP

What the bleep is #AMP

what the bleep is amp 2

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“As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration.  Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own.  Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”                                                                                                                               -Amy Poehler 


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What the bleep is AMP?

This is a Breakout Strategy that will AMP you business | where every entrepreneur deserves to have high end mentoring globally.

A little about me.  I come from a luxury sales and marketing background of about 20 years.  I’ve totally got the whole relationship building concept down as I had a steady stream of customers at any venue I worked at. To find out more you can check out my “About” page on

Through the years I developed a system where you can unapologetically promote your cause, your brand, YOU in easy, reachable steps.  I’ll talk you more about this in a moment.  I want to share the inspiration behind me creating AMP.

Don’t you just love when topics make you angry?  This topic fires me u because it seems that the market place for entrepreneurs you have to put up the big bucks to get some help.  I’m very rebellious in nature and my products, in fact, my business model all started from a place of, well, a big “eff you” to the establishment.  Let me explain what I mean.  I was tired of the corporate world and in 2010 I founded my company, a boutique social media public relations firm.  I then created Digital #HusleandGlow which was an inspired “eff you” to high priced info products that flooded you with daunting modules and not enough step by step implementation or support.  Which brings me to AMP.


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AMP is a a big “eff you” to the establishment of mainstream marketers that write bad copy like Unlock your 6 figure business, Get rich now, Instant cash money maker type programs.  They bombard you with endless free webinars which cost you money because they cost you time and the fear based buy it now that we are inundated with.  I have paid for a lot of these programs only to be left with a ton of muddles I have to sift through with no real support.

I can’t help but think of this certain experience I had when I spent close to $2000 for an info-product (and by the way, when you’re just starting out in your business this isn’t easy.  There’s soul searching and putting your faith in a product that will magically be the key for business).  Any way, so I was really excited signing up and a bit overwhelmed by all the content, but I was relieved we would have a group call where you can type in a question for the creator of this program.

I had asked, “How do you create an info-product?”  By the way, this person was somebody I followed for a year and was a total fan of at this point, so as I asked my question- queue in the angles singing.  This person said in a persnickety voice, “You just do it…”  They couldn’t have been more bored with my question and moved on the other questions from the group.

Are you kidding me?  I was devastated…  I spent money on this and invested so much emotional hope, time, an money I just felt empty. The kicker was when I contacted customer service.  I was directed to try and ask the question and there are others that have questions.

This is where AMP and Digital #HustleandGlow inspiration came from.  Essentially, I wanted products that would serve the everyday entrepreneur while being a huge rescue for every level that you may be in your business.

2013 was a big year for me in which I gathered other entrepreneurs and quantified which of their biggest needs and support they would ultimately like to have.  I had a very successful year in the #HustleandGlow mentorship program.  We implemented kick-ass Social Media campaigns with clients that are a natural link to business development.  The participants in the #HustleandGlow program grew and created a businesses that suited them.

I also was able to assess each client with a simple process to pull from them what they really wanted in a business model.  Go to, fill out the free newsletter, sign up, and I will virtually guide you to finding out what a successful business feels like.

Getting back to what entrepreneurs need and want was both emotional and tactical.  It reminded me of my commerce days when I spoke with women about their skin concerns.  I would ask what would they like to change about their skin and they would start talking about their relationships.  What was going on in their life was a direct correlation of what was happening in the condition of their skin.  It was no surprise to me that this also translated to women and their businesses.

Do you remember that classic scene in You Got Mail where Meg Ryan’s character Kathleen Kelly, responds to Tom Hanks’ character Joe Fox, when he says, “It’s not personal, it’s business,” and she replies:

What is that supposed to mean?  I’m so sick of that.  All that means is that it wasn’t personal t you.  But it was personal to me.  It’s *personal* to a lot of people.  And what’s so wrong with being personal, anyway?

For most women, the way we do business is personal.  It affects our relationships, our family, and the overall success we produce.  With AMP we deal with the personal side of business.  We deal with what’s holding you back and play big.  We use SEO methods to introduce you to online presence and how you take control of Googleable name.

We talk about our money crap that get’s in the way of invoicing.  We also talk about what it means to hire a virtual assistance to take away all your social media tasks.  This was HUGE for me!  I mean BIG!  Once I started implementing fearless invoicing, self promotion without apologies, and building a team that would take control of everyday operations, my business went to a phenomenal place!  It was the crazy inspired sexy push that I needed.

Some of the other topics AMP will cover will be:

-How to close the sale and set up effective consultation along with high vibrational sales copy.

-Branding that works and amplifies your cause and your anthem.

-Changing the game with your money mindset.

-The freelancer, or coach system model will be debuted right her on AMP.  AMP Coaching System will be a part of the program no additional cost.

{Listen, this program is only $37 per month.  It’s a gym membership folks… and for some this is what you spend on Starbucks every 2 weeks.  I made it accessible and you can do this!}

-We go into detail with your website upgrade and simple step by step instructions that will catapult you with some serious exposure and potential client turn around.

-We also talk about how to instantly boost your social media audience and the fanatical exposure you can have just like I have with my brand.

I show you why.  You will be able to grab quality and quantify potential clients this way.  The more you build your Twitter following, your list will automatically grow.  Think of your Twitter following as an extension of your list where people are constantly reading your timeline in real time.  

Your followers will interact and grab your brand vibe without being pushed to sign up for a newsletter.  They will naturally  want to sign up.  Also, by interacting with people that RT (retweet you on Twitter) you, the know, like, and trust factor starts to organically happen.  All you have to do is be real.  Be you, and will attract the right people and responses.  

Why is it also important to build your Twitter following is in the numbers.  As you build a steady increase in followers think of it as thousands of hits and exposure you get for your brand!  I share this method with you on the AMP program.  This is BIG!  This is the sweet spot that all start-up companies and existing companies want to experience.

It sounds simple but there are structured elements here.  You need to effectively tweet your article and draw them back with a link to the article.  I’ve been doing this for years so I tend to write my blog articles to be conducive to clickable twitter copy, another easy to follow course that will be exclusive to AMP members.  

Introducing AMP Mastermind | Mentorship Program from Francesca Alexander on Vimeo.


Here are a few questions I’ve been getting with AMP:

What if I don’t have time to follow this while it’s happening weekly?

You will have access to the AMP library so if you want to check in on a Saturday morning, you can hop on and run with us at your pace.  

This all sounds great, but I honestly can’t pay for yet another effing infoproduct!

I get it!  This is why I created AMP!  AMP is digestible and it’s there for you with an active Facebook group for support.  You will have access to me and my team when you have questions.  Many of my clients’ questions get featured in an article of call to give you the maximum support and actionables.  This works for the entrepreneur outsiders too that want to have anonymity and peek in on the process but not forced into a social environment.  I find the entrepreneur outsider prefers shooting me an email and that works too.  I’m not kidding when I say #RebelsWanted.  I’m calling you out and I’m making it work for you.

How do I know if AMP is for me?

I’ll tell you who this for.  This is for the entrepreneur that has been in the business for a while but needs to fine tune and be innovative to be relevant in the marketplace.  This also helps get you new prospects for new clients.  

This mentorship program is also for the new entrepreneurs that have amazing concepts but don’t know how to implement all they’re offering whether this is for product or service.  

What I help you do is refine and know who your client is, and where to find them.  This program is also wildly popular with coaches and freelancers.  I show you how to get your clients in line while establishing accountability with each of your clients.  I also show you how to retain clients, have them pay in advance, and raise your pricing.  

This is also for people that always wanted to develop and sell a program online with little or absolutely no budget.  If you’ve written a book and want to make it an online course, the program has your name written all over it!  Developing a program works extremely well with coaches, social media experts, and web designers.  I mean, if you have an online business, this strategy is a great quick money booster.  Remember, we are debuting AMP Coaching System which will be a part of the program at no additional cost.  This program is at an indelible price of just $37 per month.  

This is also for the wellness industry, like physical trainers and nutritionists who also find that this program helps sustain their businesses with new clients and retaining new clients.  

This is personalized strategy and your business.  We have a one on one session each quarter.  This is a sure-fire way to get your business n track and get that sustainability we all want in our businesses.  

We launched products like:

How to Find, Train & Grow your Virtual Team


AMP Your Cause Using Infographics

These eCourses were launched and FREE exclusive to
AMP members.  No matter when you join you will have
access to these programs and be apart of upcoming launches.

This summer our amazing new eCourse
Systems for Creative Artist, Coaches & Freelancers

We will be showing freelancers how to create info products
without a membership site, get paid in advance and
keep your clients accountable in this summer series.

Written by Francesca Alexander | Social Media PR and Business Strategist  CEO of Social Global Grind