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EST. 2010 in Los Angeles . Now in Auckland, New Zealand!

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Digital PR Social Media Consultancy

{Beyond Online Informational Products}


Most entrepreneurs have an electrifying cosmic sensation

of what they are compelled to do. This excitement fuels

your business; the bliss boosts your creativity, the pure

elevation of your strategy tingles you, and you know

people will show up for your offering, then…




“Am I doing the right thing? Will people actually buy

this? What if I suck at this?!!!”


“That’s funny I use to have a lot more sales before…”


“I’m not getting enough people signing up for my 



“I don’t want to spend all day on social media and

I don’t see it boosting sales anyway!”


The list goes on and on… and this is just the beginning

of a spiral of self depicting, self deprecating endless mind

@$%# that lasts for days, and then the following



-Your website is on hold and the dreaded

“Coming Soon” tag hangs there for a long min.

-Stay at that damn job you hate and there is

no end in site.

-Think of launching next year because, after all,

the year has gone by so fast and isn’t that too late

to launch anyway?


The list goes on and on as you rationalize why

not to get into something so complicated right

now. And who are you kidding anyway with an

online business, let alone a successful one…

Why do I know most of you so well?

Because like minded people think alike.

I just described me about 5 years ago.

I sense that you stopped by my website

for one strong vibrational reason.


Your Time Is Now!


It is, isn’t it…  I agree and invite you

to join this self revolutionary

movement to inspire your soul to

break through to the next level!



AMP is a way you can connect now!

Weekly actionable task with regular

digital info product launches happen

here.  If you are a DIY entrepreneur

like I am this is for you.  We connect

through a personal one on one and

regular phone calls per month.  No

matter when you subscribe you will

have full access to all past and

present modules.


AMP on carry on





Digital HustleandGlow

You learn how to promote yourself like

a Social Media PR pro.  This 4 week

eCourse takes social media in digestible

bites.  Each week you strategically

up level your brands online visibility

and share your results on private

Facebook group.


You also become a lifetime member

and be apart of the 2014 upgrade

with periodic live sessions!


H&G button





AMP Your Anthem

For those who are ready to AMP

your cause and are ready to

up level their business this is for you.


I take on 10 entrepreneurs once a

year for business development

mentorship program.  We cover

effective website design, customer

growth, social media pr and

amp your voice with your

online presence.


Space is limited.  Click if you

would like to start the conversation.


lets chat